Get into the trend, Songkhla gold shops open their hearts Post a picture of the open shop, the thief saw it and was amazed.

Famous gold shop in Songkhla province, trend, print publication today the shop is open. But the thief also sweated. Customers were surprised. open minded owner I didn’t think people would flock to share and comment so much.

Date December 9, 2022 Ploykanok Gold Mall, Songkhla posted a photo.Gold shop owner holding rifle Va with the trend of gold shop robbery in Tak province. And the shop owner used a shotgun to fight until a robber was seriously injured by typing “The shop is open today”. I saw this as a trend so I posted it. I didn’t think people would come to see and comment like this.

for Ploykanok Gold Shop Opened at Rat-U-Thit 1 Road, Soi 1 Tha, exiting at Tha Sa-an. Ms. Ploykanok said she opened a gold shop for 2 years with the aforementioned rifle. It’s a Beretta shotgun. which is the gun of her husband professor at the Faculty of Engineering an educational institution and legally obtained However, she also had a short 9mm pistol.

Ms. Ploykanok revealed. Since the opening of the shop, I have never encountered an incident of kidnapping and theft of gold. In the past there were few customers. posted, as it was trending I was shocked that people shared so much for this rifle Her husband regularly goes to shooting practice. she even invited him to shoot but still not go

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