Get Harden the deal Owen? 3 reasons to prove that the Nets will not split the Big Three and not enough points are a false proposition_1

Original title: Get Harden to deal with Irving? 3 reasons to prove that the Nets will not split the Big Three and not enough points are a false proposition

The Nets acquired Harden through a big four-party trade, which can be said to have once again changed the NBA landscape. However, unlike the past that the teams that formed the Big Three were expected by the outside world, after the news of Harden’s joining was exposed, many people felt that the Nets did not need to form the Big Three at all. Instead, they should send Irving away and surround Harden and Durant can build a team.

There are two reasons for this sound. First, Irving has been banned indefinitely for attending private parties without wearing a mask. When he will return, neither the Nets nor himself knows. There are also reports that the Nets owner Cai Chongxin is dissatisfied with Owen’s actions and wants to trade him.

Second, Irving’s functions overlap with Harden to a certain extent, and whether it is scoring or organization, he is obviously not as good as Harden, but is prone to conflict with Harden on the ball. Coupled with Durant, if Irving is not traded, the Nets Big Three may encounter the problem of “not enough points”. If Irving is sent away in exchange for some better role players, it can perfectly solve the problem of distribution of the ball and make the Nets lineup more reasonable.

In fact, these two reasons have certain truths, but will the Nets trade Irving for this? I’m afraid not necessarily. At least in a short period of time, or try to let the Big Three run in for a period of time, before it proves that the effect is really unsatisfactory, the Nets will never move the idea of ​​trading Irving. There are three reasons to prove this.

First of all, this is by no means a good time to trade Irving. Even if Nets owner Cai Chongxin really wants to send him away because he is dissatisfied with Owen’s actions, the NBA deal is not a playhouse. It is impossible for a star of Owen’s level to be dissatisfied with the boss today. The general manager can take him tomorrow. If you want to trade a star of this level, you must find the right time.

This point can be understood by looking at Harden’s trade. During the offseason, Harden once forced the Rockets. As a result, the quotes offered by the teams to the Rockets were very low at that time, and the Rockets chose to wait. After the start of the new season, many teams that have held down prices have restarted to pursue Harden due to their own problems, and his trading value has gradually recovered. And if it weren’t for Harden’s nearly public break after the game with the Lakers, the Rockets might not be anxious to complete the deal with the Nets, and would continue to wait and see.

Back to Irving, it is completely understandable that Cai Chongxin will be dissatisfied with what he is doing. But has the issue between the two parties no longer been reconciled? I am afraid it may not. If Irving admits his mistake and is willing to play hard, the Nets will most likely pass the blame. And even if the Nets are completely disappointed with Irving, they cannot trade him now. After all, Irving is trapped in negative news now, just like Harden in the offseason last year. His trade value is the lowest. Even if you want to trade him, you have to wait for Irving to play again and the value rebounds.

In addition, the Nets have just completed a big deal involving multiple players. If Irving is traded immediately, he will not be the only one who may move at that time, and frequent and continuous big transactions are likely to cause the team. The players are uneasy, which is also detrimental to team building.

Secondly, from a tactical perspective, the Big Three of the Nets may not be as unmatched as many fans think. The Big Three’s goals are not enough, which is a false proposition. You know, when Durant and Harden teamed up with Westbrook in the Thunder, they were actually in the Big Three mode. Some people might say that Harden was the 6th player at the time, and now he is the MVP, he must start, the situation is different. But don’t forget that at the critical moment, the Thunder played Harden with Durant and Westbrook, and the person responsible for organizing and distributing the ball was actually Harden. The combination of the three of them did not. There is no problem with the ball.

What about Irving? He also formed the Big Three in the Cavaliers, and also won the championship with James who also needs the ball. Regardless of how unpleasant the two are now, did the two have a conflict of ball rights? Not really. On the contrary, the two can also cut 40+ in the finals together, and jointly overturned the 73-win Warriors.

Therefore, both Irving and Harden have had the experience of working with teammates who need a lot of ball power, and both of them have also worked together in the US national team. Coupled with a very strong ability to have the ball, but the ability to have the ball is also the highest in history, Durant, the Big Three do not have particularly serious conflicts in play, if the running-in is smooth, they can coexist and solve the problem of ball rights conflict. .

In the end, it was hard to put together a set of the Big Three lineup, and instead of getting cool first, he was anxious to break up the deal immediately, which was not cost-effective from a business perspective. Don’t forget, the ultimate goal of the Nets relocating to Brooklyn is not just to win a championship, but to replace the Knicks in New York City, just as the Clippers want to replace the Lakers. To achieve this, hoarding big-name players to maintain high exposure is the simplest and most effective way, and if the Big Three is torn down, it is tantamount to self-destructive. Therefore, if someone really suggests that Boss Cai dismantle the Big Three, he will most likely ask, “Do you think I look like a fool?”Return to Sohu to see more


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