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Tax pipes from NHH (Trygve Hegnar’s manager, Finansavisen)
The Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) has something they call the Center for tax research, and professors Petter Bjerksund and Guttorm Schjelderup do research there. The professors’ main message is “lower tax for business owners now than under Stoltenberg.” Well, it has been a long time since Stoltenberg was here. In the meantime, we have had Erna Solberg and Høyre. The surprise is that the two professors’ research is a laundering of SSB’s brain spin from 2021 where money that has not been paid out as salary or dividend was called income on which tax was not paid.. This is not research. It’s pipes. As SV, Rødt, Agenda, Ap and others without tax knowledge use diligently. “Where the starting point is the craziest, the result is often the most original.” (Peer Gynt). The seas

It has been ten bad years for wage earners. The golden age is over (Aftenposten/E24)
After 2013, it has been lean for wage earners. The annual growth in real wages has been only a fraction of the growth in the previous 20 years. The reasons are many. The seas

Senior economist on house prices: – No obstacle for Norges Bank (DN)
House prices rose more than expected in May. – This is no obstacle for Norges Bank to raise the interest rate even more. Norges Bank can adjust the interest rate path upward and signal a high interest rate over time with such a strong housing market. We believe that households must plan for a mortgage interest rate of five percent, and that it may remain there until the first quarter of 2025, says senior economist Sara Midtgaard, and she adds that households must plan for a mortgage interest rate of at least five percent – and that it will remain there until until 2025. The seas

Lower fixed than floating interest: Should I commit now? (E24)
Far too few in Norway have loans with a fixed interest rate, says the professor. Now the fixed interest rate on the mortgage is sometimes lower than the floating interest rate. The seas

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Housing prices are surprising (Finansavisen)
House prices continued their rise in May, rising 0.8 per cent nominally. Norges Bank expected house prices to fall in both April and May. The seas

House prices up 1.1 per cent in Oslo: – Investors pick up attractive properties (Finansavisen)
Senior economist Sara Midtgaard at Handelsbanken believes that investors have helped drive up house prices in the capital. The seas

Has the housing price peak been reached? (Finansavisen)
House prices rose further nominally in May, but were unchanged seasonally adjusted – for the first time so far this year. The seas

Think house prices will rise 4-5 percent (Finansavisen)
Union Residential Development announced last year that they will raise 2.5 billion for the development of residential properties in and around seven large cities in Scandinavia. Adm. dir. Baard Schumann is still optimistic about house prices, but expected a fall this year, and is a little surprised by the rise of 7.7 per cent since New Year. However, he believes in a slight decline in the second half of the year and that house prices will end up rising by 4-5 per cent this year. The seas

Just when you thought house prices weren’t going to rise any more… (Anita Hoemsnes, DN)
House prices in Norway have never been as high as they are now. Norwegians have never had such high debt either. Some are going to have problems. The seas

Doubts about political risk hypothesis (DN)
Foreign investors have net sold shares on the Oslo Stock Exchange for three quarters in a row, but experts deny that there is talk of a larger flight. At the same time, the sales in the last three quarters have not reduced foreigners’ ownership in Norwegian shares. At the end of the first quarter, it was 41.8 per cent. – On the contrary, the shareholding has remained relatively stable above 40 per cent measured in market value, which is relatively high. It can therefore hardly be claimed that there is a major foreign flight from Norway, says chief economist Bjørn-Roger Wilhelmsen at Nordkinn Asset Management. The seas

Aker BP project worth hundreds of billions approved by the Storting (Finansavisen)
The Storting approves Aker BP’s plans for the development and operation of Yggdrasil and Fenris, and further development of Valhall. – With the decision, the Storting has agreed to thousands of jobs and important value creation in Norway. Yggdrasil and Valhall PWP-Fenris alone amount to more than NOK 165 billion in investments. We are talking about estimated tax revenues of over NOK 120 billion for Norway, says CEO Karl Johnny Hersvik The seas

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Agreed to field for 165 billion: – A big day (E24)
On Monday, the Storting approved three Aker BP projects worth a total of NOK 165 billion. SV is skeptical about the oil prices used as a basis, but Aker BP believes the projects are robust. The seas

Several candidates have said no to the Equinor board: – The gap towards abroad has become too large (DN)
Chairman of the election committee in Equinor, Jarle Roth, says the search for board members has become more demanding, especially abroad. One of the reasons is the level of fees in companies owned by the state. The seas

Calls for the government’s announced mineral strategy (E24)
The minister of industry promised a strategy for minerals in 2022, and then in the spring of 2023. Business and politicians are still waiting for an answer. The seas

House price risk, unmet needs and inequality – an ABC about the housing market (Are Oust, professor at NTNU Business School) (DN)
Many people lose out as house prices rise, and only a few get rich from it. But many people should be annoyed by the politicians in Oslo – far more than those who live there today. The seas

The Follobanen report reveals time pressure and failures in the organizational management of Bane Nor (E24)
It was seen as indisputable that the Folloban had to open as planned on 11 December last year, an internal investigation shows. Bane Nor feared another postponement. The seas

LO on top management pay in Nammo: – War bonus (DN)
The top executive salaries in arms and energy receive severe criticism from the trade union movement. – Ridiculous, says SV-topp. The seas

Climate report calls for a lot of electricity: – Unrealistic (E24)
Access to power can become an obstacle to Norway’s climate goals, according to a recent report from the Norwegian Environment Agency. – It is an Achilles’ heel, says the directorate’s director Ellen Hambro. The seas

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The economy the biggest barrier (Finansavisen)
Batteries, methanol and biofuel are most relevant for reducing emissions from existing vessels in the Norway-Denmark ferry traffic. The seas

Reporting obligation for 2,000 Norwegian companies (Capital)
Nearly 2,000 Norwegian companies and groups will be required to report under the EU’s new sustainability directive from 2025. However, far more companies will have to carry out part of the assessments that the EU requires. The seas

Hedging against krone falls with crypto (Finansavisen)
Crypto exchange Firi reports that several Norwegians have stated the krone exchange rate as a reason for investing in crypto. – They expect the exchange rate to weaken further, says operations director Marius Blaker Høgevold. The seas

Fraud victims must pay additional tax on stolen BSU money (Marte Eidsand Kjørven, professor at the Department of Private Law, University of Oslo) (DN)
The ex-partner emptied her BSU account. The tax authorities believe that the fraud victim has thus breached the terms of the BSU agreement and must pay extra tax. The seas

Debt collection company requests a fee cut: – Unreasonable burden (E24)
Fair believes that the fees must be reduced, even though this is what gives debt collection companies income. The seas

Cancels interest rate cuts (Finansavisen)
The US economy continues to show strength, and investors now doubt whether the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates this year. American interest rate expectations are changing, especially after Friday’s labor market report showed much stronger employment than expected. The consensus now points to the Federal Reserve keeping the key interest rate unchanged at the June meeting, while the central bank’s roadmap for the rest of the year is more in the blue. The seas


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