Get closer to the World Food Program (WFP), Nobel Peace Prize 2020 Laureate page all – World Food Program, a non-profit organization under the auspices of the United Nations (UN) won the award Nobel 2020 in the field of peace.

The award announcement was made by the Norwegian Nobel Committee on Friday (9/10/2020).

Quoted from the official Nobel website, the Norwegian Nobel Committee decided to give the award to the World Food Program, for the efforts made by the organization to fight hunger, as well as build peace in conflict areas.

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In addition, the Norwegian Nobel Committee also assessed that, in facing the Covid-19 pandemic, the World Food Program has shown an impressive contribution.

WFP itself stated that as long as there is no vaccine to ward off the virus, food is the best vaccine to fight chaos.

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Get to know the World Food Program

Twitter/Nobel Prize Illustration of the logo of WFP, 2020 Nobel Peace Prize laureate

Quoted from the official website of the World Food Program, the organization was founded in 1961.

Initially, the World Food Program was projected as a United Nations experiment in the distribution of food aid.

At that time, as an experimental program, the existence of the World Food Program will be reviewed after three years.

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However, crisis after crisis sweeping the world has proven that a real World Food Program is needed.

One of the crises that occurred not long after the World Food Program was founded was the earthquake that rocked Boein Zahra, Iran in September 1962.

The disaster killed more than 12,000 people and destroyed thousands of homes.

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Even though it was recently established, the World Food Program took action by sending food aid in the form of 1,500 tons of wheat, 270 tons of sugar and 27 tons of tea.

Since then, the World Food Program has played an active role, not only distributing food aid, but also helping the conflict rehabilitation process in a country.

Several countries that have received assistance from the World Food Program, include Sudan, Togo, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kosovo, Haiti, Nepal, and also Indonesia during the Aceh tsunami in 2004.

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Management structure

The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided to award the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize to the World Food Program (WFP) on Friday 9 October 2020.AP / Fernando Vergara The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided to award the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize to the World Food Program (WFP) on Friday 9 October 2020.

In carrying out its activities, the World Food Program is governed by the Executive Council, which consists of 36 Member States.

The Council is in charge of directing and supervising the activities carried out by the World Food Program.

Meanwhile, in terms of operations, the organization is led by an Executive Director, who is appointed jointly by the Secretary General of the United Nations and the Director General of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

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Executive Directors are appointed for a permanent five-year term and are responsible for the administration of the organization as well as the implementation of programs, projects, and other activities.

Since 2017, the position has been held by David Beasley, former governor of the state of South Carolina, United States.

The organization also has one Deputy Executive Director and three Assistant Executive Directors.

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The World Food Program also has a Strategic Plan map, which is updated every four years.

The 2017-2021 Strategic Plan aligns the World Food Program with the 2030 Agenda, the focus of the plan is to eradicate hunger, and contribute to the revitalization of global partnerships to implement the Sustainable Development Goals.


The teacher carries a student who collapsed from starvation in Venezuela.ADRIANA LOUREIRO FERNANDEZ The teacher carries a student who collapsed from starvation in Venezuela.

For funding, the World Food Program relies entirely on voluntary contributions. The main donor is the state government, but the organization also accepts donations from the private sector and individuals.

As of October 3, 2020, the World Food Program has received funding of US $ 6,356,351,194 or around Rp. 93,457,431,605,382.

Funding comes from 87 donors, consisting of state governments, corporations, and private donations.

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The following are 10 World Food Program donors throughout 2020, in order of the largest amount of aid:

  1. United States: 2,733,214,268 US dollars
  2. Jerman: 964.394.062 dollar AS
  3. European Commission: 422,495,369 US dollars
  4. UK: 335,732,481 US dollars
  5. ONE DEER: 195,618,034 AS dollars
  6. Kanada: 187.772.298 dollar AS
  7. Swedia: 155.522.478 dollar AS
  8. Japan: 153,609,115 US dollars
  9. Dana PBB (see UN CERF): 149.300.180 dollars AS
  10. Arab Saudi: 140.436.288 dollar AS

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