Get Attention Females, Male Bowerbirds Decorate Nests for Mating – Bowerbird (Ptilonorhynchidae) or known as bird bowstring, is an endemic bird Australia and Papua New Guinea.

The interesting thing about this species is its unusual hobby, which is decorating its nest with colorful objects. Bowerbird comes from the family Ptilonorhynchidae has at least 20 species from eight genera.

Just like other animal pairs, burung namdur will do various ways to attract the attention of his partner. This behavior is used by them so that they can mate and produce offspring.

So, how do bowbirds decorate their nests so they can marry their partners?

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To answer that, animal kamasutra will discuss more deeply about the process of bowing down the mating of birds.

Many animal species go to great lengths to find a mate, but there is very little of the complex “courtship” behavior that bowbirds engage in.

BirdThese birds make nest-like structures, known as bowers, and decorate them with items that attract potential mates.

As reported by New ScientistMonday (23/4/2012) a study found that males seem to cultivate plants around the nests they build to attract mates.

Burung namdur The male spotted spotted (Ptilonorhynchus maculates) builds a nest structure from twigs before decorating it with an object or plant obtained from the forest to attract the female’s attention.

One of the most sought-after decorative plants for male bowerbirds is the berries of the Solanum ellipticum plant.

University of Exeter researcher Joah Madden and his team studied the distribution of Solanum ellipticum in the Queensland area of ​​Australia, which is inhabited by the bird.

Birds living near plants had more berries in their nests, which Madden later found to be a predictor of male bird mating success.

When the berries wither, they can be thrown out of the nest. Meanwhile, the females will travel around to assess the structure and eventually choose their mates.

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