Gervais Martel praises the new president

Thursday 08 April 2021 23:04 – Article written by La Rdaction – Respond to this article

Emblematic person of French football and RC Lens of which he was president for almost 30, Gervais Martel spoke with L’Est Républicain and did not fail to praise the new president of the ASNL, whom he worked in particular among the bloods and golds.

Skills that can be of service to Nancy

Having already collaborated with the young Gauthier Ganaye, the former president of Lensois is fully aware of the range of skills possessed by the new president of Nancy: “Age means everything and nothing. Gauthier is above all a brilliant guy, who knows football perfectly. I am sure that Gauthier Ganaye will have a long and successful career as a manager. It’s a chance for Nancy to have a president like him today, after Jacques Rousselot who has brought so much to the club, explains Gervais Martel. It’s hard to predict things in football, there are so many random parameters. But Gauthier, with his way of working and his skills, reduces the margin for error. For me, Nancy is a historic French football club that is in excellent hands. This is why I imagine the ASNL will indeed return to the elite in not very long. Continues the former president with optimism. “




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