Germany’s most popular virologist: “Quarantine one week prior to family visits” | Abroad | News

AP The German virologist Christian Drosten

Virologist Christian Drosten, currently Germany’s most famous scientist, suggests that people and their party companions can go into quarantine for a week in advance to reduce the risk of contamination during the Christmas holidays. He says that in the German newspaper ‘Die Welt’.

Drosten advocates voluntary quarantine prior to family visits. For example, people can reduce the risk of infection at Christmas. “I think the pre-quarantine principle is a good idea,” said Drosten. That means “that people should avoid social contact as much as possible for a few days, ideally a week, before visiting their family. This could be an approach for the autumn and Christmas holidays. ”

“Of course everyone has to consider individually how to apply this in daily life,” continues Drosten. “How do you do that with the children who have to go to daycare or school? And can you telework or do you have to continue to attend meetings? ” The German virologist emphasizes that people should always be vigilant. “Total security does not exist. There are always risks ”, it sounds.


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