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Germany weather: cold snap is coming – but first another extreme is imminent


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The weather in January has not yet provided winter landscapes and snow. The cold snap is a long time coming. Instead, another extreme is at hand.

  • Weather forecast for Germany: the weather remains mild.
  • Snow is expected instead of rain.
  • Only the end January there is hope of a slight onset of winter.

Update from January 12th: Everything – except the winter is currently the weather in Germany. “According to the current trend, winter is not in sight until the end of the month,” said a meteorologist at the German Weather Service (DWD) on Saturday. Although there could be “colder phases and a little snow in the mountains here and there”, it was still too mild for the season. Overall, the weather was “rather spring-like”.

This is how it should look in the next few days: rain on the coast, gusts of wind in the low mountain ranges, sun on the Alps. Tuesday even will be local 13 degrees reached. Even at night, the temperatures in the north hardly drop below that freezing point, Low temperatures between three and minus six degrees are only expected in the southern half of Germany, according to the meteorologist.

Weather in Germany: Winter is not in sight for now

Update, January 11, 2020: Barely snow and hardly any frost – January is also unusually mild towards the middle of the month. The weekend starts on Saturday (January 11th) mostly foggy in the north. According to the German Weather Service (DWD) dense cloud fields form. But it stays dry. Storm gusts and strong winds can be expected on the North Sea and in the Harz Mountains. In the south of Germany it stays mild over the weekend. On Sunday (January 12th) the weekend ends with a little cloudy weather – but the temperatures are still unusually high: They are between six and nine degrees on average.

The new week then starts with even more rain and lots of clouds. Only in the very south, near the Alps, does it remain sunny. Snow and the cold snap hoped for especially by skiers are still not in sight. On the contrary: the DWD even forecasts temperatures that go to another extreme for January – and predicts values ​​of up to 13 degrees.

Weather forecast: Mild weather for Germany – cold snap at the end of January?

First message: Munich – It’s early January and finally it’s time for winter and a little bit of snow. But the onset of winter is a long time coming. Nice the last few days the weather has been pretty mild, And the Federal Republic will continue in the next week probably don’t see white flakes. The German Weather Service continues to expect mild after the very warm December Weather for Germany*,

At the beginning of the week, it was more rain than snow. Light showers can be expected again and again. In the middle of the week, northern regions in particular may even open up squalls stop at the North Sea before it gets friendlier again at the weekend. Hardly any rain, relaxation and mild temperatures around seven degrees.

Germany weather: will the snow come at the end of January?

What about that winter? In a complete onset of winter the Germans must not hope for now. But there is a little ray of hope for winter fans. Because especially in the south it gets colder. Freezing temperatures and light frost are to be expected at night. And from January 22nd, the will probably follow cold snap, expects temperatures in the south of Bavaria around minus six degrees and also that German weather service reports of frost. And for all skiers: Snow can be expected in the higher mountain region at the end of January – if not excessively.

Winter fans are often disappointed with snow forecasts – but why are the forecasts often wrong? * reports on this.

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network


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