Germany warns Turkey to refrain from provocations in the eastern Mediterranean – Abroad – News

“Ankara must stop walking between easing tensions and provoking if the government is interested in the negotiations, which it has reaffirmed,” the Sister said in Berlin before going to Cyprus and Greece.

He called on Turkey to remain open to negotiations and called on Ankara not to resume exploration for natural gas deposits in disputed areas.

Turkey again sent a geological survey vessel to the eastern Mediterranean on Monday, prompting Greece to come forward with a new demand for sanctions from the European Union (EU) on Ankara.

As early as August, Turkey sent its research ship to the disputed waters, exacerbating relations with Greece, which raised concerns about the possibility of a military conflict.

Ankara is dissatisfied with the fact that Greece, in accordance with international maritime law, has access to the waters surrounding its islands off the coast of Turkey.

Turkey’s outrage is caused by the so-called map of Seville, which Greece uses to substantiate its claims. This map was commissioned by the European Commission (EC) at the turn of the century and was prepared by the University of Seville.

It marks the waters around the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea and the eastern Mediterranean as Greece’s economic zone.

Turkey, on the other hand, claims that the map infringes its sovereignty and that, in the past, the waters around the islands far from the metropolis have not been recognized as a full economic zone of that country.

Cyprus also has claims on waters in the eastern Mediterranean.

The tension has been exacerbated by the discovery of abundant natural gas deposits in these waters.


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