Germany: Removed from the party. He wanted to “gas” the refugees

The right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party on Monday (September 28) removed with immediate effect one of its leaders, Christian Lueth, who said in a hidden camera video that refugees could be “shot” or “gassed”.

Lueth, 44, is a former party spokesman. On Monday, the ProSieben TV channel aired his speech, recorded secretly in February this year in a Berlin café during a meeting with Youtuber Lisa Licentia, known for her right-wing views.

According to Lueth, Germany should accept as many refugees as possible, because “the worse the situation in this respect in Germany, the better for the AfD.” “We can shoot them all then. It’s no problem. Or gas them or whatever you want. I don’t care,” he said. The newspaper “Die Zeit” points out that the tone of this statement did not indicate that Lueth might be joking.

Although the names of Lueth were not mentioned in the ProSieben program, several other media outlets recognized his voice, and the AfD authorities immediately decided to remove him from their ranks.

Lueth in April this year. he was suspended as a party member after admitting to “Aryan” descent and describing himself as “a fascist”.

The alternative for Germany is a conservative, eurosceptic and anti-immigrant party, the main opposition party in the Bundestag. Its representatives have been in the lower house of parliament since 2017.

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