Germany out of Mali by 2024 at the latest, junta pushes back French aid organizations

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Germany also ends its military mission in Mali. All 1,000 German soldiers must have left the West African country by May 2024 at the latest. Germany’s mission in Mali has long been in doubt: like other European countries, the country is at odds with the military junta in Bamako.

A government spokesman says the Germans will stay until 2024 to ensure a stable handover. This in view of the elections to be held in February of that year. The Bundestag has yet to agree to finish the mission.

The country has about 1,000 troops stationed in Mali, mainly near the northern city of Gao, and was among the top 10 major contributors to the United Nations peacekeeping mission this year. Other European countries have already announced or completed their withdrawals. For example, the UK announced last week that it would be bringing its 300 soldiers home.

France, a key player in the mission, announced in February departure to. In August, the last French soldiers left the country after nine years of presence. According to Paris, this had to do with the two coups in two years in Mali. Dutch troops left before.

Wagner group

Many European countries with troops in Mali also oppose the presence of Russian mercenaries from the Wagner Group, even in Gao. The United Nations accuses Wagner of executions, torture and disappearances in countries where the company operates, such as Syria.

End of aid from France

Before the weekend, France went one step further: Paris announced it would end aid to Mali. Humanitarian organizations would continue to receive French aid. But the junta later announced that French humanitarian organizations and organizations collaborating with France are no longer welcome in the country.

Hundreds of thousands of Malians depend on such aid. Experts fear Mali is becoming increasingly isolated due to the departure of Western countries.

years of mission

The United Nations peacekeeping mission in Mali was established in 2013 after jihadist groups took over large parts of the country. The French army then went into action in the former French colony managing to push back the jihadists. They have received military support in the form of the Minusma International Force. That UN mission consisted of 15,000 troops, including the Dutch.

The country has suffered three coups since 2012. Since the last coup in 2021, the country has been led by a pro-Russian military government. Dutch Lieutenant General Kees Matthijssen was given command of the UN mission a year ago.

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