Germany Offered Warships to NATO Before the Russian Invasion

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

German plans to offer troops, air defense systems and warships to NATO to strengthen the bloc’s position in the east. This discourse emerged shortly after Russia decided to invade Ukraine.

To quote a German magazineThe mirror, the country was able to send a company of infantry and more than a dozen armored vehicles, Friday (25/2). However, this country did not disclose the source of the information, quoted from Reuters.

Germany also plans to offer an anti-aircraft missile system known as the ‘Patriot,’ corvette ships and frigates. These ships are said to be towed from another mission in the Mediterranean.

according to The mirror via Reutersa ship with sensor technology is also on its way to the Baltic Sea.

Meanwhile, the German Ministry of Defense could not immediately be reached for comment on this information.

Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine by land, air and water on Thursday (24/2). This attack was carried out after President Vladimir Putin ordered a military operation into the country.

As many as 100,000 people are predicted to flee Ukraine as explosions and gunfire fill the country’s cities. Dozens of people are also reported to have died as a result of this Russian attack.

The United States and other NATO members have sent military aid to Ukraine. However, the two are still not seen sending troops to Ukraine for fear of making the conflict bigger.

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