Germany is thinking about climate and lowering train ticket prices NOW

Train travel in Germany is considerably cheaper: travelers who travel more than 50 kilometers on Deutsche Bahn Intercity Express trains can expect a rate reduction of 10 percent.

Fares for train travel in Germany have fallen for the first time in seventeen years. The company also lowers the prices of extra services, such as transporting bicycles.

The cheaper tickets result in a tax reduction on travel by train: from 19 to 7 percent. This reduction is part of the German package of climate protection measures. Deutsche Bahn expects the price drop to generate an additional five million passengers per year.

Deutsche Bahn is the most important provider of rail services in Germany and is a private company with the state as its sole shareholder.

Not all commuters in Germany are cheaper in the new year: the rates for short-distance journeys and public transport in Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Brandenburg and the Rhineland will increase from 2020, DPA news agency reported this week.

The reverse happened in the Netherlands: the Dutch Railways increased ticket prices by approximately 1.5 percent as of January 1.

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