Germany is the main opponent of the accelerated accession of Ukraine to the EU – media

On March 24, about this during a virtual address to the European Council President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky hinted. His speech was devoted to the European integration of Ukraine. He listed all 27 EU members and their attitude towards Ukraine’s accession to the EU. Zelensky clearly voiced the position of some countries, he spoke about some in a veiled way.

According to European Pravda, the data announced by the president reflect the results of closed discussions of the Ukrainian application for EU membership at the level of ambassadors and EU leaders in early March. The publication found that the position of some “problem states” Ukraine later clarified on din foreign negotiations and, as in the case of Italy, was able to convince her to support Kyiv.

Now 10 countries publicly support Ukraine’s accession to the EU, these are Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic and Italy.

Nine more countries, as European Pravda noted, are not explicit supporters of the accelerated procedure for Ukraine’s accession to the EU, but, according to Ukrainian diplomats, they will vote in favor during the consideration of the Ukrainian application. These are Greece, Finland, Malta, Denmark, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Romania, Sweden and France.

Six more countries, as reported by the publication, “are problematic, but not critical” – Portugal, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Belgium and Ireland. Zelenskiy thinks he can convince them to support Ukraine.

The main opponents, European Pravda found out, are Hungary, to which the president, during a speech in the European Council appealed separatelyand Germany.

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The publication reported that although recently Ukraine and Hungary there were tensions, but not this country, namely Germany, is slowing down the process of granting Ukraine the status of a candidate member of the EU. According to sources, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has not yet openly opposed Ukraine’s accession to the European Union at meetings of EU bodies. At the same time, the publication calls the position of Germany “a problem already now.”

“Multiple sources since the beginning of March have been saying that Berlin is the biggest opponent of Ukraine’s rapid entry into the EU. And if it is convinced, all other troubled states should eventually agree. The efforts of the Ukrainian diaspora and friends of Ukraine should be concentrated on this,” – noted the publication.


February 28, pdonkey full scale Russian invasionUkraine applied for Ukraine’s accession to the European Union. Zelensky said that in the current conditions he expects to join the bloc by special procedure.

1 March European Parliament supported granting Ukraine the status candidate for EU membership.

On March 10–11, an informal summit of EU leaders was held in France, where they discussed Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and the EU’s relations with Ukraine. Before the summit, Macron said that considers it unrealistic to negotiate about membership with a belligerent country. The final statement of the summit said that the European Council acknowledged European aspirations and European choice of Ukraine, it is fixed in the Association Agreement. However, there are no specific commitments regarding Ukraine’s accession to the EU in the document.

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Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda said after the summit that the leaders of the EU member states supported the European integration of Ukraine. The decision of the informal summit of the leaders of the European Union indicates that Ukraine will be a member of the EU, considers Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba.

On the conclusion on the application of Ukraine for accession to the EU the European Commission began its workEuropean Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighborhood Policy Oliver said on March 21 Vargeyi.

According to a survey conducted March 3-7 by the French Institute of Public Opinion (IFOP), 71% of residents of four European Union countries – Germany, France, Italy and Poland – support Ukraine’s accession to the EU.

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