Germany has diagnosed a total of more than 1.8 million to extend the “closure” and limit travel radius_Resolution

Original title: Germany’s cumulative diagnoses exceeded 1.8 million, extending the “city closure” and restricting the travel radius

(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Germany has diagnosed more than 1.8 million people

China News Agency, Berlin, January 5 (Reporter Peng Dawei) On the 5th, the cumulative number of people diagnosed with the new crown virus in Germany exceeded 1.8 million. German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced on the same day that after discussing with the governors of the states, the current nationwide “cities lockdown” measures will be extended to January 31, and at the same time, the “cities lockdown” will be further strengthened, including that each family can only contact The activity radius of a gathering of outsiders and residents in an epidemic hot spot area cannot exceed 15 kilometers around the residence.

The German disease control agency announced that the number of new confirmed cases was 11,897. According to real-time data from Germany’s “Times Online”, as of 20 o’clock on the 5th local time, Germany had a total of 1,808,174 confirmed cases, 1,424,259 cured, and 36,974 deaths. According to statistics from the CDC, as of noon that day, Germany had vaccinated 316,962 people.

After Merkel held a video conference with state governors on the same day, the German federal government announced the above-mentioned resolutions passed by the Federation and the states, announcing the extension of the “closure” to January 31, and intensifying implementation. Elementary and secondary schools and kindergartens that have been suspended in various states should also extend the suspension until the end of January.

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The resolution stated that the government’s goal is still to reduce the indicator of “the cumulative number of new diagnoses per 100,000 people in seven days” to below 50. The federal government and the states have called on the public to limit personal contact to the “absolutely necessary minimum” and stay at home as much as possible. Currently, the above-mentioned indicator in Germany is 148.3, which is still much higher than expected.

The resolution for the first time increased restrictions on travel radius in epidemic hotspots. The resolution stipulates that in counties and cities with an epidemic index greater than 200, people are not allowed to travel more than 15 kilometers from their homes without “convincing reasons.” For example, outings or day trips are not reasonable reasons for travel.

In response to the currently accused of slow progress in vaccination, the resolution stated that it will improve the transmission of information with manufacturers to ensure better scheduling of vaccination appointments. The goal is to give all residents of nursing homes across Germany the opportunity to be vaccinated by mid-February this year. The resolution predicts that as more vaccines are approved in the EU, Germany is expected to receive more vaccines delivered by manufacturers in the first quarter of this year.

Merkel admitted at a press conference in Berlin that day that the measures announced that day were “stern.” But she also emphasized that under the current situation that a faster-spreading mutant virus is discovered, the goal of reducing the epidemic index below 50 is particularly important. She said that people must maintain a high degree of vigilance against the new situation in the development of the epidemic.

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Merkel also defended Germany’s unified procurement of vaccines through the EU mechanism. She said that Germany does not want countries to “go it alone”, and it is in Germany’s interest to vaccinate EU neighboring countries quickly. She also said that by February 1, Germany will receive about 4 million doses of vaccine. (Finish)Return to Sohu to see more


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