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The Czech Republic against Germany is said on Wednesday (22.01.2020) in the Handball EM 2020. After the victory against Austria, the German team can continue to fight for fifth place. Since the dream of winning a medal has burst, the team of coach Christian Prokop can also play free. The benefit of individual handball players to gain the coach’s favor for future tasks. That is why the forecast is clearly moving in the direction Victory for Germany against the Czech Republic.

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Czech Republic – Germany Quotas

Czech Republic (1) Draw (X) Germany (2)
bet365 Handicap +5
Handicap -5
Handicap -5
Betano 7:00 13:50 1.18
22Bet 7:40 15:00 1.17

On July 24, 2020, the Summer Olympics will start and the qualification tournament for handball players will take place in April. It is very likely that the German handball selection will pull a ticket to Tokyo, because it will be played in the domestic hall. Everyone wants to go to the Olympic Games and that’s why it’s a pretty big highlight in handball. Christian Prokop and his team will therefore do everything they can to travel to Tokyo.

Among the die-hard handball legends, coach Christian Prokop is not quite the right one for the post. Even the coach’s chair may have shaken after the loss to Croatia. But the win against Austria and the chance of Olympics will have tightened some screws of the chair again. But now it’s the Czech Republic against Germany and the Germans should win that too. The odds with the betting providers are also clearly towards the away win.

From the sporting point of view, the handball game of the European Championship 2020 Czech Republic against Germany is nothing more. Germany currently ranks third in their group one, ahead of Austria and Croatia. Even if Prokop and his team lose to the Czech Republic, nothing changes in this fact. Nevertheless, we would bet that Germany would win against the Czech Republic.

For the team from the Czech Republic, the duel against Germany is definitely the last in this EM 2020 and therefore they will want to say goodbye. A betting tip on the Czech Republic’s victory over Germany would certainly be interesting just because of the odds. At Expekt, for example, the odds of 7.50 are waiting for the betting market 1.

Fast facts about handball:

  • Competition: Handball EM 2020
  • Who: Czech Republic – Germany
  • Stadium: Wiener Stadthalle
  • City vienna
  • Country: Austria
  • When: 22.01.2020 (8:30 p.m.)
  • Betting tip: 2 or 2 with -5 goals
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Czech Republic statistics and form

The handball championship was definitely one, and not that of coach Jan Filip and his team. Because they also expected to take part in the Olympic Games, they are now flirting with 12th place. It is questionable whether they are satisfied with this result. After all, they are still ahead of the favorites France and Denmark.

The Czech handball team made it through the preliminary round and defeated opponents such as North Macedonia and Ukraine. But in the main round they could not make a trick and lost all three handball games. For this reason, the upcoming duel victory for Germany against the Czech Republic is forecast.

But the game against Croatia has mastered the Czech Republic quite well. Because you had the impression that two teams meet at eye level. This also showed the end result, because neither team was able to clearly differentiate.

The game of the Handball EM 2020 was quite nerve-wracking for the spectators. Croatia took a maximum of two goals and the Czech Republic caught up again. Shortly before the end of the duel it was 21:21 and Croatia made the winning goal on the last push. Even Croatian coach Lino Červar ended up having to admit that the Czech team was the better team.

Nevertheless, we would not bet in the upcoming duel that the Czech Republic will win against Germany. The Czech coach wants to play against Germany the same way as against Croatia, but is that successful? The odds of betting on a Czech Republic win over Germany would certainly be lucrative.

For the long-established handball players Pavel Horvat and Ondrej Zdrahala probably have their farewell game in the duel against Germany. A victory would be the greatest and a nice farewell gift for them.

The squad of the Czech handball team:

Galia (TO), Mrkva (TO), Babak (RR), Becvar (RR), Klima (RR), Zdrahala (RR), Solak (RR), Mubenzem (RR), Kasparek (RR), Vanco (LA), Hrstka (LA), Cip (RA), Jurka (LA), Mojzis (KR), Zeman (KR), Filip (TR)

The last 5 games from Czech Republic:

  • 20.01.2020 (EM 2020) → Croatia – Czech Republic 22:21
  • January 18, 2020 (EM 2020) → Belarus – Czech Republic 28:25
  • 16.01.2020 (EM 2020) → Spain – Czech Republic 31:25
  • 14.01.2020 (EM 2020) → Ukraine – Czech Republic 19:23
  • 12.01.2020 (EM 2020) → Czech Republic – North Macedonia 27:25

Germany statistics and form

In the last 10 years the German handball selection has had its difficulties with the European championships. In 2014 they didn’t even qualify. At the Euro 2016 they managed to win the title. Since then, everything has been represented from eighth onwards.

But if you limit yourself to this tournament, you can make the forecast that Germany will be able to finish fifth. Although the German team initially had problems, they managed to deliver a decent tournament towards the end. The preliminary round matches against the Netherlands, Latvia and Spain could certainly have gone a little better. But then came the match against Croatia, which broke the dream of a medal.

The Coach Prokop team has won 12 of the last 14 international matches. That is a remarkable record, considering that some of the handball players selected could not compete and that they played with the successors. Nevertheless, the odds among the betting providers are very clear towards the victory of Germany against the Czech Republic.

That could be because Germany has completed the last few games convincingly. First came the victory against Belarus and then the tough fight in the duel against Croatia, which was ultimately lost. Finally, you faced the Austrian team and that was a pretty good game. Maybe even the best of the German team at this handball EM 2020.

At the start of the game against Austria, Germany seemed to be at eye level with the opponent. In the course of the match, Christian Prokop’s team became more and more dominant and goalie Johannes Bitter practically turned into a wall. In the end, Germany won 34:22 against Austria. Timo Kastenig once again outgrew himself in this duel.

Therefore, we would definitely bet on the victory of Germany against the Czech Republic in the game of the Handball EURO 2020. There is nothing left for the Germans, but they have grown together from game to game and have shown excellent performances in the end. The odds for a betting tip on Germany against the Czech Republic are not really lucrative, but you could possibly incorporate a handicap.

The squad of the German handball team:

Wolff (TO), Bitter (TO), Weber (RR), Drux (RR), Böhm (RR), Kühn (RR), Häfner (RR), Schmidt (RR), Gensheimer (LA), Zieker (LA), Reichmann (RA), Kastening (RA), Pekeler (KR), Kohlbacher (KR), Golla (KR), Wienczek (KR), Pekeler (KR), Prokop (TR)

The last 5 games from Germany:

  • 20.01.2020 (EM 2020) → Germany – Austria 34:22
  • January 18, 2020 (EM 2020) → Germany – Croatia 24:25
  • 16.01.2020 (EM 2020) → Germany – Belarus 31:23
  • 13.01.2020 (EM 2020) → Germany – Latvia 28:27
  • 11.01.2020 (EM 2020) → Germany – Holland 26:33

Czech Republic – Germany H2H Stats

The team from the Czech Republic and Germany met 23 times at handball games. A look at the numbers reveals that Germany won the lion’s share with 17 games. The Czech Republic won 3 games and drew three times with a tie. The German handball selection won all of the last five games.

The last time the Czech Republic triumphed over Germany was in qualifying for the 2013 European Championship. That was also the reason why Germany did not qualify for the 2014 European Championship. The last duel between the two handball teams was in January 2019 and Germany won it with 32:24.

The last 5 handball games between the teams:

  • 04.01.2019 (friendly match) → Germany – Czech Republic 32:24
  • 19.01.2018 (EM main round) → Germany – Czech Republic 22:19
  • 01/10/2015 (friendly match) → Germany – Czech Republic 27:22
  • 09.01.2015 (friendly game) → Germany – Czech Republic 32:24
  • 04/07/2013 (European Championship qualification) → Germany – Czech Republic 28:23

Czech Republic v Germany betting tip

Now that it’s almost too late, the German team has arrived at the European Handball Championship 2020. Fifth place and a trip to Tokyo for the Summer Olympics is now the goal. But first it is time to defeat the opponent Czech Republic.

According to the forecast, this should be feasible, because Germany has won the last five games against the Czech Republic. The odds to bet on betting market 1 would certainly be attractive, but the Czechs are unlikely to win.

Our betting tip for the handball game of the European Championship 2020 between the Czech Republic and Germany is called Away win. But the odds with the betting providers are not particularly lucrative for the betting market 2. Therefore we would bet on the handicap “Germany wins with -4.5 goals”. For example, the betting provider Tipico has a odds of 1.80.

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