Germany extended its “city closure” again until March 7 and Merkel warned of the risk of a third wave of epidemics_Measures

Original title: Germany once again extended its “city closure” until March 7 and Merkel warned of the risk of a third wave of epidemics

(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Germany once again extended its “city closure” until March 7 and Merkel warned of the risk of a third wave of epidemics

China News Agency, Berlin, February 10 (Reporter Peng Dawei) German Chancellor Merkel reached a resolution after meeting with state governors on the 10th to extend the current nationwide “city closure” measures from February 14 to March 7. day. She warned on the same day that with the increase in the number of infections of the new crown variant virus in Germany, there is a risk of a third wave of outbreaks. From now to mid-March, it will be a critical stage related to the trend of the epidemic.

Data map: An international school in Berlin, Germany, changed to remote teaching.Photo by China News Agency reporter Peng Dawei

The German disease control agency announced on the 10th that the number of newly confirmed infections with the new crown virus and the new deaths were 8072 and 813 respectively. According to real-time data from Germany’s “Times Online”, as of 21:22 on the 10th local time, a total of 2,312,366 people have been diagnosed in Germany, 2,072,150 people have been cured, and 63,996 people have died. As of that day, Germany had received 3,509,660 doses of vaccine, of which 2,405,156 had received the first dose and 1,104,504 had received the second dose.

Merkel held a press conference in the Prime Minister’s Office after the end of the talks that night and announced the main content of the resolution. This round of “city lockdown” measures was originally supposed to expire on January 31, but it has been extended to February 14.

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According to the resolution announced that day, all epidemic prevention measures so far will continue to be implemented. In order to solve the problem of haircuts that people reflect strongly, on March 1, barbershops in Germany will be allowed to reopen, but they must limit the number of customers through appointments and wear medical masks.

The resolution still fails to give a final timetable for the resumption of classes in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens that have received much attention. The resolution only stated that the reopening of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens enjoy the highest priority in the subsequent “unblocking” process, but each federal state will decide on its own steps to resume classes and ensure that necessary conditions such as wearing masks, ventilation and epidemic prevention measures are in place. .

Next, when the “accumulative number of newly diagnosed patients per 100,000 people in seven days” in each state stabilizes below 35, further “unblocking” measures will be taken, such as opening up retail businesses and museums under the premise of limiting the number of customers And art galleries.

Merkel said on the same day that the previously set target of “the cumulative number of newly diagnosed people per 100,000 people in seven days fell below 50” is already in sight, which shows that the measures taken so far are taking effect. But she also reminded that when looking at the epidemic data, it should be evaluated in conjunction with the current mutant virus. Taking into account the risk of the third wave of outbreaks, Merkel warned that from now to mid-March will be the “life and death” stage of the development of the epidemic.

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Merkel and state governors have agreed that they will hold talks again on March 3 to discuss the next step of the epidemic prevention policy. (Finish)Return to Sohu to see more


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