Germany could expel Thai king | Entertainment

entertainment“>The Thai king enjoys diplomatic immunity while in Germany, which means that no measures such as fines or increased surveillance can be imposed. Germany would Vajiralongkorn can expel the country, if the Thai monarch is declared persona non grata (undesirable person). An earlier petition to the German Bundestag to declare the Thai king an undesirable person has already been signed more than 110,000 times.

entertainment“>Previously had Secretary of State Heiko Maas already warned that Germany would take immediate action if the Thai king broke the law politically in Germany. The main issue is whether the Thai king would rule Thailand from German soil.

entertainment“>Members of the Left Party are calling for the Thai king to be expelled from the country. “Any person who, like the Thai king, brutally crushes the democratic movement should not be rewarded by the federal government with a visa for a luxury long-term stay in Germany,” wrote MPs Sevim Dagdelen in Heike Haensel in a statement.

entertainment“>Incidentally, the king has been in Thailand since mid-October. His current stay is the longest of this year. His previous seven visits to Thailand lasted less than 24 hours.

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