Germany and Italy have approved the method of payment for Russian gas

Gas pipeline. PHOTO: ARCHIVE

This happened after consulting Brussels

Germany and Italy have told their energy companies that they can open ruble accounts to continue buying Russian gas without violating sanctions against Moscow, following discussions with the European Union. This was stated by Reuters, citing its sources, BNR reported.

Two Reuters sources said that Berlin authorities had told German gas importers that they could open ruble bills to pay for Russian gas without violating sanctions against Moscow, as long as they made payments to Gazprombank. not to be in Russian currency.

Sources also said that Germany, which is the largest importer of Russian gas in the region, has acted consistently on the issue in close coordination with the EU.

The Italian government has also talked to the European Commission and clarified how to legally buy Russian gas, a senior government source in Rome told Reuters.

This happened before the Italian energy company Eni announced on Tuesday that it had launched a procedure to open two accounts with Gazpromabank – one in euros and one in rubles, the source said.

“The decision is in line with what was announced by the agency,” said the same source, referring to the European Commission’s energy department.

Reuters recalls that Poland, Bulgaria and Finland refused to comply with Moscow’s request for importers to pay for gas through ruble accounts with Gazprombank, and supplies of natural gas to them were cut off.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s state-owned gas transit operator said Gazprom had reserved a transit capacity of nearly 47 million cubic meters of gas for Saturday, May 21, Reuters reported. This happened after Gazprom had reserved larger capacity for tomorrow’s 66.54 million cubic meters of natural gas earlier in the day.

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No further details on why the transit gas capacity has been reduced are reported at this stage.

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