Germany and France are pulling the reins in the run-up to holidays

Merkel pointed out that the number of infections has recently been rising again. In Germany, 14,964 new corona infections were registered today. In proportion to the number of inhabitants, this is still little compared to neighboring countries. By comparison, in France the number of new infections was 36,437 today.

Only go outside when necessary

In both Germany and France, residents are in principle expected to only go out when necessary. In Germany, a maximum of people from two households may come together outside, up to ten people. Schools and childcare will remain open, which also applies to France. French universities are expected to provide online education.

The German authorities see school closure as “a last resort”. Macron said that closing schools, as happened with the first lockdown in the spring, does too much damage to student development, especially among disadvantaged children.

“It is perfectly clear that we have to act now,” Merkel said. She spoke of a difficult day and said she realized that a lot is being asked of the population. But without intervention, a health crisis threatens, according to Merkel, in which healthcare can no longer cope.

‘Second wave heavier’

Macron also hinted that things are now serious. He warned that the second wave is likely to be heavier than the first. To avoid a selection at the hospital doors, action must be taken, the French president said.

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