German vaccine CureVac but 47 percent effective • ‘Vaccination registration still lagging behind’

The problems with vaccine registration in the Netherlands continue. About 1 million shots taken by the GGD have not yet been processed in the central database of the RIVM due to ICT problems at that service, the AD reports. The backlog is still large among general practitioners and care institutions.

According to a spokesperson for the GGD, a “file of data” has arisen due to the large number of injections that are taken in combination with an IT failure. As a result, vaccination data from people who have given permission for this cannot be sent to RIVM.

Some 1 million vaccinations can therefore not yet be found in MijnRIVM, the personal web portal on which everyone can view their own vaccinations. “We regret the delay and are working hard on a solution,” said the GGD spokesperson. People do not have to worry about their corona passport, say the parties involved.


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