German surprise: Sales of new passenger cars rose year on year in September

265,227 passenger cars were newly registered in Germany in September, which is 8.4 percent more than in the same month last year. This was announced by the Federal Office for Motor Vehicles (KBA).

Statistics also show that Škoda cars remain the strongest imported brand in Germany.

Companies are traditionally the driving force behind new registrations. For business purposes, 63.9 percent of all cars registered in September were entered in the register, the remaining registrations were from the private sector. However, according to KBA’s balance sheet, registrations of private cars increased by 18.3 percent compared to last September, while company cars grew by 3.5 percent.

Of the German brands, Audi (plus 42.4 percent), Mini (plus 4.7 percent), BMW and Mercedes (both up 1.9 percent) and Volkswagen (plus 1.6 percent) performed best in September. On the other hand, the German brands Smart (minus 41.4 percent), Opel (minus 27.6 percent) and Porsche (minus 19.7 percent) recorded a decline.

Growth of 29.6 percent was recorded by Škoda, whose cars remain the strongest imported brand in Germany with a share of 6.8 percent in September. Tesla (82.7 percent), Seat (71.1 percent, Subaru (70.4 percent), Alfa Romeo (59.5 percent) and Renault (58.4 percent) also report strong growth.

In September, the most frequently registered category was sports utility vehicles (SUVs), which reached a share of 21.2 percent. Motorhomes accounted for 2%, an increase of 159.9 percent, according to KBA.

Alternative drives are also growing. Over 21,000 newly registered cars were electric vehicles (plus 260.3 percent) and 54,000 more were equipped with a hybrid unit (plus 158.2 percent).


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