“German shipowner Bertram Rickmers dies in tragic accident at family villa”

Status: 05/22/2023 8:41 p.m

Hamburg shipowner Bertram Rickmers is dead. The 71-year-old died in an accident on Monday night.

He had fallen down a flight of stairs in the family villa, as reported by the “Bild” newspaper. Eventually he succumbed to his severe injuries. The accident happened on the 60th birthday of his wife Franziska.

“At this hour our thoughts are primarily with Bertram Rickmers’ wife Franziska, his three children and five grandchildren, to whom we extend our deepest sympathy,” said a statement from the management of the Asian Spirit Steamship Company to the workforce. Bertram Rickers was head of the shipping company.

Reeder-Dynastie Rickmers

Bertram Rickmers came from one of the most famous shipowning dynasties in Germany. He initially founded a company with his brother Erck that sold ship bonds. When both brothers separated in the 1990s, Bertram Rickmers expanded his company into a larger shipping company – with around 130 ships. Rickmers Holding AG, which he manages, filed for bankruptcy in 2017 after HSH Nordbank, one of the major creditors, rejected an out-of-court restructuring plan. Banks and investors, among others, lost many millions of euros in the spectacular bankruptcy.

Shortly thereafter, Bertram Rickmers built up another shipping company with the support of his family. According to his own statements, his Asian Spirit Steamship Company has a total of eleven ships, the majority of which are so-called feeder ships.

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