German politicians in shock of murder due to covid restrictions

The fatal gas station photo Reuters

The murder of a cashier at a gas station in Germany, apparently as a result of a dispute over wearing a mask, prompted leading politicians to warn of “radicalization” of people who oppose measures against the coronavirus, DPA reported, quoted by BTA.

In a Twitter message, Green Chancellor candidate Analena Burbock linked the killing to the Kverdenken (Non-Standard Thinking) movement, which includes people who strongly oppose restrictions on the coronavirus.
Radicalization in the ranks of Kverdenken worries me greatly, we must all oppose the growing hatred, she wrote.
“A young man was actually killed because he tried to insist on the obligation to wear a mask,” center-right Christian Democratic Union Secretary-General Paul Tsimyak wrote on Twitter. This is an “unthinkable level of radicalization,” he added.

A 49-year-old customer at a gas station shop in the western town of Idar-Oberstein became enraged at the tragedy over the weekend after the cashier refused to sell him beer because he was not wearing a mask.
Attorney General Kai Furman said yesterday that the alleged perpetrator, who was caught, admitted to killing the 20-year-old student with a shot to the head and said the reason for doing so was the aftermath of the pandemic. Furman said investigators are still “establishing a clear picture” of what happened.



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