German minister wants to make demands on travel from our country Abroad

Germany announced strict restrictions in mid-March for travel from Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland. This should be extended to the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and the Czech Republic. According to Der Spiegel, Seehofer also plans on Monday that everyone who enters Germany by plane must be quarantined for two weeks.

According to the German news agency DPA, there is disagreement within the government of Christian Democrats and Social Democrats about such plans. A Seehofer ministry spokesman said on Friday that “there is currently no reason to change current policies (at borders).”

Christian Democrats support Seehofer and find it insane that there is still no national approach and that people entering the country are not being medically checked everywhere. An estimated 20,000 people enter the Federal Republic every day from countries where they may have acquired the corona virus.

About 60,000 people have now been sent back along the tightly controlled borders with the five neighboring countries selected in March, because they would not have had a good reason to come to Germany, according to Der Spiegel.

The weekly reports that “the corona cabinet” talks about Seehofer’s plans on Monday. If they are implemented, Dutch nationals who go to Germany should also have ‘serious reasons’ to travel to the neighboring country. To enter Belgium, the Dutch must already be able to demonstrate that their journey is necessary. Many smaller roads across the Belgian border have now been closed.

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