German media reveals new details about Putin’s daughter’s novel with Zelensky

Bild Online reported that Zelensky had resigned as artistic director immediately after Tikhonov was blacklisted by the European Union as a result of Russia’s war against Ukraine. He has already left Germany. The ballet master referred to “family circumstances”, reports the site “Facts”.

Michael Virginia, a spokesman for the Bavarian State Ballet, said in a statement that Zelensky’s resignation as artistic director was really related to his proximity to Putin.

Bild Online failed to contact Igor Zelensky. No reply was received to the requests sent to him.

The publication claims that Catherine and Igor have a child together. Virginia also said that Tikhonova had visited Munich countless times in the last three years. “I know Putin’s daughter was at the stage dinner at the State Opera in 2018. She was sitting at the same table with Zelensky.”

According to Virginia, only the director of the theater knew that she was Putin’s daughter. “It was only later that the others became aware that it was Putin’s daughter. There was no bodyguard or anyone else,” a spokesman for the Bavarian Theater added.

The Bavarian Ministry of Science and Art, in response to a request from Bild, said it was unaware of the relationship between Tikhonov and Zelensk.

Virginia said that at that time (2018) Igor Zelensky lived with his wife Jana and three children in an apartment near Munich’s main railway station. Jana still works as a ballet master at the Bavarian State Ballet.

Bild Online quotes Zelenski as quoting from an interview with Süddeutschen Zeitung as of 2016: “I love Munich. My children go to school here and speak German.”

Another representative of the Bavarian State Ballet, who wanted to remain anonymous, said that Igor Zelensky, while leading the troupe, had fired about 25% of the dancers and invited the Russian people to replace them. “Zelensky seemed cold and very confident to me. He formed his own team,” the source said.

Roman Enin, editor of Vazniiji Istoriji, commenting on Tikhonov’s travels in Munich and her relationship with Igor Zelensky, told Bild: “It could have been their private life until her father started the war. By the way, Putin called such people national traitors. “This is an example of the hypocrisy of Russian power.”

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