German media: Germany plans to nationalize another natural gas importer

German media: Germany plans to nationalize another natural gas importer

2022-09-23 13:58:09Source: Xinhuanet

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, September 23. According to a report on the website of the German weekly Der Spiegel of 22, the German government plans to nationalize the natural gas importer, the European Energy Security Company, to avoid bankruptcy.

The day before, the German government decided to nationalize the country’s largest Russian natural gas importer, Uniper, to get out of the financial problems caused by Russia’s “supply cutback” and to cope with the intensification of the energy crisis.

This is the town hall of Hanover, Germany, taken on the evening of August 1st. In response to the energy shortage, many places in Germany have taken measures to save electricity. Published by Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Joachim Schersky)

Reuters reported on the 22nd, citing a spokesman for the German Ministry of Economy, that discussions on future agreements to secure European energy security companies are continuing. The company did not respond to media reports.

Guaranteed European energy security was formerly known as Gazprom Germany. After Gazprom gave up ownership of the former this year, the German energy regulator, the Federal Grid Agency, temporarily took over it in April.

According to Reuters, the German government’s nationalization of Uniper means it has provided at least € 40 billion in bailout funds for its top three companies importing natural gas from Russia, including previous bailouts for energy security companies. European. (Chen Lixi)

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