German customers wanted to buy gas through the closed Nord Stream 1

Before the invasion of Ukraine in February, Russia supplied the European Union with about 40% of its gas consumption.

Moscow says it has cut gas supplies for technical reasons and that Western sanctions do not allow them to be resolved. EU politicians argue that this is an excuse and that Moscow is using energy as a weapon.

The operator of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline is Nord Stream AG, which is headquartered in Switzerland and is majority controlled by the Russian gas company Gazprom. The Swiss company said it could not confirm the so-called nominations, i.e. requests for gas consumption.

In the morning there were requests to bring the gas through the German pipelines connecting Nord Stream 1 with end users.

But a spokesperson for German pipeline operator Gascade later said the aforementioned appointments had been renamed to zero, meaning no gas will now flow through Nord Stream 1.

Gas exports from Russia to the EU will decline by a third this year


Nord Stream 1 is the main route for the transport of Russian natural gas to the European Union. Gas to the EU from Russia continues to flow through Ukraine, but Kiev decided in May to reduce transit to the EU by around a third, citing the invasion of Russian troops.

The closure of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline has aggravated the already tense situation of the European gas market.

Gas prices are several times higher than they were a year ago, but have fallen from recent records. Gas importers in Germany have even started talking about the possibility that gas could also be rationed.

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