German Amputee Football League (DAFL) Makes Guest Appearance in Hamburg

In German professional football, the ball rests, but the ball rolls again in the German Amputee Football League (DAFL). On the 10th/11th June is the league in Hamburg. Guests are Fortuna Düsseldorf, 1.FSV Mainz 05 and kick-off Hoffenheim. The game will be played at the Paul Hauenschild sports facility in Norderstedt, where the west curve championship will also be played out between 64 HSV fan clubs on Saturday.

“Amputee football is exciting and spectacular,” said HSV President Marcell Jansen about the DAFL’s guest appearance in Hamburg. “I would like to invite all HSV fans and all sports fans in general to get to know this strong football variant”. The Hamburg amputee footballers are part of the North-East playing community with TeBe Berlin and Sportfreunde Braunschweig. In addition to sporting success, the establishment of our own team is the primary goal. “We hope to be able to form an independent team as early as next season. That’s why we want to encourage everyone with an amputation to try the sport,” said Marcel Jansen.

Getting into the sport is very easy. The only requirement: Outfield players must have a leg amputation or shortening, goalkeepers an amputated or shortened arm. The field players play one-legged on two standard crutches, the goalkeepers are not allowed to leave their penalty area. The set of rules is the same as in the well-known soccer game, but the game is played for 2×20 minutes on a pitch of 40×20 meters in a 5-a-side format. Luckily, this time there is no offside.

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In what is now the third season of the league founded by Anpfiff ins Leben, the reigning champions Fortuna Düsseldorf have so far lived up to their role as favourites. On matchdays 1 and 2, which took place in St. Leon-Rot, they won all four games. On match days 3 and 4 in Hamburg, Hoffenheim and league newcomers Mainz in particular are hoping for a significant increase in performance.

On the other hand, a man from Hamburg wants to build on his performance. HSV player Majid Sajid was named player of the weekend in St. Leon-Rot. With seven goals, he made a significant contribution to the success of SG Nord-Ost. The native Syrian, who lost his right leg as a child, became aware of the founding of the amputee team in Hamburg in 2020. Today he not only has a new passion and new friends, he has also risen to become one of the players in Germany. Majid Sajid would like to prove this again in front of his home crowd.

The spectators can look forward to the best football entertainment. The games can be followed on site, admission is free. In addition, there is a free live stream on, where the games of the 3rd matchday and the 4th matchday can be seen. Further information on the DAFL is available at (FKF)

Photo: Majid Sajid Copyright Kick-off for life

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