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Gerindra Daily Chair Reveals Prabowo’s Goal to Meet Mega and Jokowi


General Chairperson (Ketum) of the Gerindra Party Prabowo Subianto diligently held friendly relations with a number of figures during the Lebaran moment, including with President Joko Widodo, the chairman of the PDI-P Megawati Soekarnoputri, General (Ret.) Subagyo Hadi Siswoyo, and a number of scholars. Gerindra ensured that the gathering was in the context of the 2022 halalbihalal Eid.

“Pak Prabowo’s visit was to figures, scholars, in the context of halalbihalal, Eid al-Fitr gatherings. We think it’s a good tradition during Hari Raya,” said Gerindra DPP Daily Chair Sufmi Dasco Ahmad to reporters at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta. , Monday (9/5/2022).

Dasco guarantees that there will be no discussion about politics or the presidential election in the meeting Prabowo the. “Yes, it’s halal-bihalal. There was no discussion with the visited figures regarding this matter. Guaranteed nothing about the presidential elections,” he said.

Dasco did not deny that Prabowo’s safari gave rise to the interpretation that he was carrying out political activities ahead of the 2024 presidential election contestation. However, he emphasized that the gathering was solely due to the Lebaran moment.

“Indeed, that it is interpreted by some parties to carry out political activities for the presidential election, for example, I think it is still too early because this is what the Eid al-Fitr gathering is doing,” he said.

Dasco mentions Prabowo’s meeting with Megawati because so far the two have had good relations. In addition, Prabowo is said to appreciate Megawati as a senior political figure.

“When it comes to Mrs. Mega, it’s more because Mr. Prabowo respects Mrs. Mega as the elder and has good relations so far, so we do Eid gatherings before going to other figures to Mrs. Mega first,” said the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives.

While Dasco assesses the meeting Prabowo with Joko Widodo is reasonable. The reason, he said, was that Prabowo was an assistant to the president as the Minister of Defense (Menhan).

“Yes if visit president as assistant to the president. Halalbihalal, then Eid. In our opinion, it is natural for Pak Prabowo to meet with the president,” he said.

It is known that Prabowo previously met a number of political, military, and cleric figures during the week of Eid al-Fitr 1443 Hijriah. Finally, Prabowo was seen visiting the residence of his longtime friend in the military, General (Ret.) Subagyo Hadi Siswoyo in Yogyakarta, last Saturday (7/5).


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