GERB withdraws from protest in front of presidency on Wednesday (Obzor)

Boris Borisov

The organizer is the head of the MMA federation Stanislav Nedkov

Resigned Prime Minister Boyko Borissov insists GERB supporters should not protest in front of the presidency on Wednesday.

It is organized by the chairman of the MMA federation, Stanislav Nedkov-Stucky, who on Tuesday called on people to come out and “replace the chalga with the dance.” According to Borissov, it is pointless for party supporters to protest “just because they did this to us.” “I beg them not to do that. I have always been for a stable country, and a country where there are constant protests has no chance to move forward. Protests are held only when there is something to do, “Borissov explained yesterday.

Exactly a week ago, at the same place, IMRO booed “There is such a people” when returning the mandate and tried to donate a fez to the head of the parliamentary group Toshko Yordanov because of the changes in the Electoral Code, lowering the ceiling of sections outside the country. “They made their contribution.” I am for dialogue, understanding, democracy is this, but everything is in their hands “, Borissov commented.

According to Stucky, political terrorists deny and destroy everything that has been done so far. “They enter state-owned enterprises and ministries, they want the administration to give them classified information concerning national security on a flash drive to carry in their pockets,” he wrote on FB.

The idea of ​​GERB supporters was on Wednesday to demand the resignation of Rumen Radev, having previously dissolved “this malicious parliament, composed of political temeruts, unwilling to talk to each other.”

Last week, GERB signaled for the first time that they were ready to take to the streets. On Good Friday, they gathered in front of Borissov’s house in Bankya to defend him from a provocation that was being prepared against him. Supporters have announced that they will endure for a year, but will now retaliate.

However, Borissov again did not control his anger at the legislation of the new members of parliament. “How did they do all this in a week?” He asked rhetorically about the proposal of “Democratic Bulgaria” to close the specialized courts and the prosecutor’s office at the first reading in the legal commission. He again commented that they had agreed on everything, but not on a government.

The resigned Prime Minister predicts that the work of the National Assembly will be artificially extended in order to pass laws that burden the budget, and it would not be announced where the money will come from.

“They have submitted bills for BGN 7 billion in a few days, but who will implement them? I continue to claim that during the caretaker government more than BGN 100 million did not come in from cigarette smuggling, ”Borissov said.

How many deputies will enter from the “Abroad” region? Will there be machines there? Where will there be video surveillance? Where will the video cameras be bought and who will deliver them? ”He criticized the election rules again. But in the end he said: “To do what they want. Whatever rules they set, I am an athlete and I know that the referee, no matter how much he interferes, if you play well, you will win. He also wanted to hear an interview with Antoaneta Stefanova from ITN on how she would deal with important topics, because “she is brilliant when it comes to chess”, but she obviously had no interest in anything else. (24 hours)

Borissov: Migrants are attacking us

everywhere, the pressure is terrible

We have a 4-5 times increase in the borders with Turkey

and Greece, said the Deputy Chief of the Border Police

In the last 3 days, the Border Police has stopped 323 attempts for illegal entry of immigrants in our country, said Boyko Borissov during the briefing at the reception of another shipment of vaccines. (For them, see page 6)

“To date, we have zero illegal migration. It is achieved with great effort by our glorious border guards, for which I thank them. The pressure is terrible, we are being attacked from everywhere – from Greece and Turkey. Let those who will form the caretaker government tomorrow keep in mind that people are very careful about our statements when you ask them for help, “Borissov said. He has repeatedly reminded that the zero pressure on the border with Turkey is due to his personal efforts and the good relations he maintains with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Surprisingly, the Deputy Director of the Border Police Biser Kostadinov also appeared at the briefing on vaccines. He confirmed more migrants on the borders with Turkey and Greece. “Only for the first 3 months there is about 4-5 times increase in pressure on both borders,” said Kostadinov. He explained that because of the fence on the border with Turkey, it is calmer there. “It is also becoming quite dynamic at the Greek border,” the deputy director said.

In order to deal with the situation, the Ministry of Interior has additionally sent border guards. “We have enough cars, new cameras, helicopters are also used,” Kostadinov said. Give them to record the counting of ballots, because the migratory pressure is no longer important, Borisov joked.

And just an hour before the prime minister’s briefing, 25 migrants were caught on the Trakia highway near Vakarel. They were detained after drivers noticed them walking to the highway. After arresting them, police took the refugees to the Elin Pelin District Police Department. There, the migrants reported being from Afghanistan. There are children among them. It is alleged that traffickers dumped them in the area of ​​the highway.



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