Georgi Parvanov revealed the horror of Slavi’s idea №1, waved a finger at Manolova, and at Borisov …

I hope that negotiations for a government will be held, as they were in 2005 for the Triple Coalition, because I want a government. I do not want to go into the election scenario to the hole. If there is no government, we are doomed to a situation that will be much worse than in 2005, because now we have a health crisis, economic catastrophe, social problems, the image of Bulgaria is at stake.

This was stated by President Georgi Parvanov / 2002-2012 /, asked on bTV to draw a parallel between the formation of the Triple Coalition between the Tsar, BSP and MRF, and the current efforts of the new parties in parliament to nominate a cabinet.

He gave his assessment of three prime ministers.

About the king – Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, he told bTV: “Reasonable, wise politician with European authority.”.
I would prefer not to comment on Stanishev. But he was acceptable to the partners in the Triple Coalition, Parvanov said. And for Boyko Borissov his assessment was: “He is decisive and so far he is decisive, he solves the problems with a swing and with an even bigger swing he cancels his decision.”

Parvanov told how he designed the Triple Coalition. The formula 8-5-3 was not bad when it comes to the distribution of ministers, it was bad that it is projected in all spheres of power, it became a liberalization, but also a feudalization of power. Everyone fenced their territory, it became inaccessible to others and pursued its own policy, Parvanov said.

Georgi Parvanov praised the role of the MRF and its honorary chairman today, Dr. Ahmed Dogan. If it were not for Mr. Dogan and the MRF did not develop in this direction, maybe our stability and interethnic relations would look different, Parvanov was categorical.

According to him, Ahmed Dogan and Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha were also a stabilizing factor in the Triple Coalition. They could always understand each other, Parvanov said. He added: “Against the background of what has happened since 2009, I do not think this is the worst term.”

Parvanov said that when he gave the third mandate to the MRF in 2005, everything had been completed in advance, and a preliminary agreement had been signed. When I gave the mandate to Stanishev, Ahmed Dogan and Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha were in the presidency, they appeared as a united coalition, Parvanov said.

What kind of office will there be?

“Support for the new cabinet should be stable, because if we enter a regime of floating, thematic, incident support, it is not permanent, it is not stable, it is not promising. We may fall into a political crisis,” Parvanov continued.

What’s wrong with the new elections?

“Early elections are a democratic mechanism, but if we go from election to election. That means instability. I am for change. I am stability in change,” he said.

The majority system in two rounds

“In 2008, at a forum attended by all parliamentary and non-parliamentary parties, I justified the idea of ​​a stronger majority element in a mixed system. I have always emphasized this. Finally, I said I would call a referendum on the election. And this option came up.

Each majority elected candidate must be from one constituency. GERB gathered everything. I have heard criticism from the Positano camp in my address that the loss was the fault of the president. Borissov would have won without these 30 deputies. For me, it could be 50 to 50. Specialists say, “Parvanov said.

“I do not accept the majority system, because we want to expel the mutts anywhere. I do not promise you, but I guarantee you that if one majority candidate has to be elected in each constituency, the mutts, the oligarchs will consolidate and broadcast their “Only the two largest parties will have a chance and everything will end. I do not agree with this option,” the president said.

How is Radev doing?

“For now, he is restrained. Of course, he missed or deliberately dropped a line in his speech on the occasion of the beginning of the parliament, because whatever they do, he is ready with a caretaker government, which sounded like a threat. But then slowed down and now sounds constructively “, Parvanov commented.

The new parties

“They have their past, but now they are in a different situation. It still seems to me that, albeit fleetingly from our contacts with Slavi Trifonov, that he also has statesmanlike thinking. Some of his entourage are much more radical or extreme. Trifonov. has a strong instinct, I hope statesmanship.I really want things to happen with the participation of ITN in a positive direction.They can ruin, no doubt.Parliament can end in an instant if they say.And the president if he wants , it will not be able to help. But what is the perspective “, the head of state commented.

He also asked the question, if in the next elections, if the situation is similar, what will happen? Will there be a third election? Anything is possible.

Parvanov approved the intentions to revise the government, but also strongly criticized Maya Manolova’s invasion of Bulgartransgaz and said it threatened the country’s future.

If South Stream was revised, what would happen?

“I am for both flows to materialize. I am the author of the idea of ​​an economic revision of the transition. To be honest. There can be no two-pronged approach. I argue that for South Stream, as far as I know, it probably won’t. “I assume that there can be no such expectations for Balkan Stream either. Obviously, this is part of the campaign to clear the account with the previous rulers.”

To warn. If someone intends that with this attack, with this entry into Bulgartansgaz, to compromise the project and thus stop it, he is committing a great sin against Bulgaria. without energy we cannot develop a large and strong economy, “Parvanov said

Parvanov also commented on the idea of ​​Borissov running for president.

“Here, in the Balkans, these castlings have happened. Do not deprive me of the right to be prime minister, as a joke. Theoretically, anything is possible, but I do not know who you are referring to. If you mean Borisov and the potential clash with Rumen Radev, it was interesting, but not always interesting is good for the country.

I would recommend to Prime Minister Borissov not to enter into such a battle, “he said.



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