Georges Simenon: November |

Transmission: radio playbox NDR | 06.11.2022 | 19:00 | by Simenon, Georges

51 minutes
| Available until 05/11/2023

Criminal radio program based on Georges Simenon’s novel of the same name.

A stormy November night: a family dines in their modest villa on the outskirts of Paris. Shut up. As always. Nobody talks to anyone here. After the excesses of alcohol and migraine attacks, the mother often goes to bed for days. After work, the father barricades himself in his study and the two children flee to their worlds. The mother weighs heavily on the family like a heavy mortgage. Only the beautiful Spanish maid thirsty for life seems to conjure up a bit of light in the family wasteland, but she disappears from the scene overnight without a trace … No corpse, no investigative commissioner, no culprit. Only the listener can guess what happened on that stormy November night.

Translated from French: Dr. Holger Fock and Sabine Mueller.

Editing and direction: Irene Schuck.

Starring: Jenny König (Lore), Julian Greis (Olivier), Judith Rosmair (mother), Wolfgang Pregler (father), Michael Wittenborn (professor), Patrizia Carlucci (Mariella), Rosa Thormeyer (Gina), Stefan Haschke (Philippe), Hedi Kriegskotte (Rorive) and Oda Thormeyer (Neef).

Technical realization: Corinna Gathmann & Angelika Körber.

Assistant director: Simon Hastreiter.

Director: Irene Schuck.

Production: NDR 2022 | ORIGINAL SHIPPING.

Publisher: Susanne Hoffmann.

Available until 05/11/2023.

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