George Strap finally records a song created for him more than 30 years ago

In 1988, composer Helvijs Stengrevics, in collaboration with the poet Jānis Plotnieks, wrote the song “Birches in the Birth of Birches”, which was specially created for the singer Georg Siksn, tuned to his voice. Well, after 32 years, the song is given to the listeners.

The song “Blossoms Birches in Birstal” with the words of Jānis Plotnieks was written back in 1988, when the composer Helvijs Stengrevics worked at the Latvian State Philharmonic and gave a concert with the popular Latvian singer Žoržs Siksns. At that time, the song was created especially for Strap’s voice and his musical style in general.

Although Žoržs Siksns had a great pleasure to perform the song “Blooming Birches in Biržala” in his concerts, his professional sound recording was never made during these years. Now, by accidental meeting of the song’s author and performer, it was decided that finally, after 32 years, this long-cherished composition should reach the listeners in the form of a recording.

In collaboration with both musicians – Helvija Stengrevica and Georgs Siksna – this is the second song with the words of Jānis Plotnieks. With the first song “Un dzīvosi”, they won the high fourth place in the closing concert of the 1986 Latvian Microphone Song Survey.



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