George Russell Struggles in Qualifying Due to Bouncing Car and Regulations: Post-race Interview

| by Mike van Weert

George Russell knew from the first part of qualifying that he was going to have a difficult Saturday. The driver Mercedes felt that the adjustments to the set-up had the opposite effect. In addition, the single race winner sees Mercedes, along with some other teams, that the bouncing of the cars returned in Barcelona. Russell is sad to see that some racing teams are still struggling with the regulations.

Russell failed to qualify for Q3 on Saturday. The changes to the car after the third free practice had a negative effect. “Normally as a team we are always very good when things get tough, but that just wasn’t the case for me in qualifying,” Russell is quoted by “We made a few changes after the third practice session, but the car bounced a lot in the high-speed corners, and the corners we went through at full throttle in practice, I couldn’t go full throttle because the tires weren’t working.”

“From the first lap in Q1 I knew we weren’t going to have a good day,” continues the young Briton. In the first session, Russell was already struggling to make it to Q2. He knew things were not going well when Nico Hülkenberg managed to set a much faster time with his Haas car. “He was a second and a half faster than what I could have achieved. The adjustments to the set-up for qualifying definitely went the wrong way for these cold, damp and slippery conditions.”

Russell: ‘It’s a pity that many teams are still having problems’

The bounce of the Mercedes car in Barcelona came as a big surprise. Russell sees teams still struggling with last year’s rule change. It is a pity that many teams are still having problems with the new regulations after 18 months. Our car hit the ground, the Ferrari hit the ground every lap, the Haas hit the ground on the straights. It’s half the field. Of course some teams have it under control so there are no excuses, but half of the teams are not sure how to solve it,” said the Mercedes driver.

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