George Qirdahi to Elissa, Ragheb Alama and Nawal Al Zoghbi: The Saudis are angry with me, but they respect me.

The Lebanese journalist, George Qirdahi, responded to a number of Lebanese artists asking him to resign from the post of the Lebanese Information Ministry in the previous period, due to his dispute with Saudi Arabia.

During his stay as a host of the “Secret Ink” program presented by the Egyptian media, Asma Ibrahim, George answered the host’s question about the attack he was subjected to by Lebanese artists, such as Elissa, Ragheb Alama and Nawal Al Zoghbi.

George said, “They are known to have a stake. They spoke against their conscience and their dignity regarding my resignation,” continuing, “My dignity is not my personal dignity, but rather the dignity of my country, so they cannot defend their dignity by asking me to resign”.

Qirdahi indicated that in this way they are defending their interest and said, “They have an interest with the Entertainment Authority. We want concerts in Saudi Arabia and Riyadh festivals.”

The Lebanese journalist added: “When I resigned, I told them that my brothers in Saudi Arabia may be angry with me for a word I said, but believe me, they are angry with me, but they respect me, but you take money from them, but they don’t respect you.”

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