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George Clooney is a super fan of Brad Pitt (for a good cause)

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  • Clooney, what a total fan of Brad Pitt
  • All for a good cause
  • Many actors have participated in Omaze fundraising campaigns

    George Clooney is the latest celebrity to partner with fundraising company Omaze, and she’s doing it in the most fun way possible. Once again, he shows that he knows how to exploit his comic streak. And more if it comes to relating to your colleague Brad Pitt. He has already put himself in comic mode from time to time on the big screen, he will not do it in the cinema … In fact there are several moments on screen in which it is difficult to see him, since his heartthrob vein has always been exploited , and not the comic or the loser.

    Two decades have passed since the premiere of ‘Ocean’s Eleven’, the film that united them in fiction and marked the beginning of their great friendship. And of course, time passes, and both are already in their early years. But age is not an obstacle to continue with the desire to play the goose.

    Clooney pretends to be Brad Pitt’s biggest fan in the new promo video, which aims to raise money for The Clooney Foundation for Justice. The winner of the Omaze promotion, who selects a random donor, will spend time with Clooney and his wife Amal Clooney at his house on Lake Como in Italy. After briefly explaining what the winner will receive, the clip changes and then focuses on Clooney’s obsession with – his real-life friend – Pitt.

    The Oscar winner notes that he likes meeting new people and says that lifelong friendships can come out of nowhere. This leads him to tell us about one of his newest friends, Byron (aka the comedian Byron Bowers), who we found out he met on Craigslist after purchasing a Batman figure (wink, wink) last year. Byron tells us that he showed up to buy the toy and then never left, eventually George moved into his house and quarantined him. Clooney has his own bedroom and everything, which is decorated from floor to ceiling with Pitt movie posters. He even owns a pillow with the actor’s face that Clooney shows and admits that his wife wanted him to throw it away. Come on, total fan.

    The ‘Midnight Sky’ star offers movies from his résumé to watch with Byron, and we found out that they’ve watched ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ more than 22 times. After Clooney suggests they watch ‘Batman and Robin’, Byron opts to watch the movie directed by Steven Soderbergh one more time. Later in the video, the actor notes that he and Byron had to make a difficult decision regarding their living situation when the order to stay home was finally lifted. “I told him to fuck offByron says to the camera.

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    To close the video, Clooney tells viewers that if they want to have half the fun he did with Byron last year, they can donate to his charity through Omaze. Surprisingly, we find that the ‘Syriana’ actor has not yet left Byron’s house, given that he is in his friend’s garage.

    The actor has not been the only one who has joined campaigning with Omaze. There is for example another couple of friends, Matt Damon Y Ben Affleck, when the first one puts a glorious zasca to the second one. OR Emilia Clarke stepping into the skin of Jon Snow. And of course, it could not be missing Ryan Reynolds, with his alter ego Deadpool. It is always good to lend yourself to make people laugh, especially if it is for a good cause.

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