George Clooney explained why he doesn’t let his wife Amal watch ‘Batman and Robin’

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The first time George Clooney stole our hearts was in his appearance in the eighties series ER Emergency Room, where he was a handsome doctor. Later, he began to gain more fame and came to Hollywood to participate in large productions.

A tape that you may not remember about him was Batman y Robin 1997, there he played billionaire Bruce Wayne. It was not his best role, but millions saw said feature film, although that does not include his wife Amal Clooney, since the actor confessed that he was banned and this is the reason.

George spent a long time as one of the most desirable singles in the industry, as his gallantry established him as one of the sexiest men on the planet.

It seemed that his relationships weren’t that serious or that he would never marry after being divorced in 1993, until he fell in love with Amal back in 2013 and they are now happily married with two children.

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Like many actors, George regrets some movies he got to shoot and the one he is most ashamed of is apparently Batman y Robin.

It was the lowest-grossing superhero film and, of course, a critical failing rating, as its plot bordered on the absurd.

Variety magazine confirmed that in an interview the actor was asked if he would be Batman again to participate in the new production of The Flash to which he replied that he was not invited, in addition to adding another hilarious comment: «When you destroy a franchise like I did, they usually look the other way when it appears The Flash

batman and robin movie
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At that time, his wife Amal accompanied him and in addition to laughing a bit at what he said, he added that her husband does not let him see this Batman tape. At the time that he was asked the reason, he only replied:

“There are certain movies where I just say, ‘I want my wife to respect me a little’.”

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This means that George knows exactly how bad she is. Batman y Robin, so he prefers to avoid the pain of his wife being embarrassed or made fun of, because yes, it is one of the worst superhero films in the industry.

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To close the subject, the 60-year-old actor even stressed that this rule should also be followed by his twin sons, because he does not want to be told that his movie sucks, which would hurt him a lot.

We hadn’t imagined how sorry Clooney was for this acting job and we understand his reasons!

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