Genetic Factors and ADHD: Understanding the Link – Have you heard of ADHD?

ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder that causes sufferers to have difficulty focusing, controlling impulsive behavior, and being overly active.

Usually, ADHD is diagnosed in childhood. However, it is possible for someone to get a diagnosis of ADHD when they grow up.

In fact, it’s normal for kids to have trouble focusing and behaving at times.

However, children with ADHD usually have ongoing symptoms and can be so severe that they experience a lot of difficulty, whether at home, school, or in friendships.

Children with ADHD usually tend to daydream, forget or miss things, get restless, or talk too much.

They also tend to be careless, have a hard time resisting temptation, and have a hard time getting along with other people.

Well, one of the things that triggers ADHD is genetic factors.

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How do genetics trigger ADHD?

Nearly 90 percent of ADHD occurs due to genetic factors. New York psychiatrist Stephen Faraone says that about 7,000 different genes are involved in the risk of ADHD.

In his study, Faraone found that the risk of ADHD runs in families.

Children who have one parent with ADHD also have ADHD. And when both parents have ADHD, the risk of a child having it can be as high as 33 percent.

“Parents should understand that their risk of developing ADHD is about 25 percent. That’s big enough to worry about, because ADHD itself can make parenting more challenging,” said Faraone.

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However, the occurrence of ADHD is because genes tend to be complex and cannot occur just because of a single genetic error.

Apart from genes, environmental factors also contribute to the cause of ADHD. Even if we carry the gene for ADHD, the risk of the disease increases when combined with environmental factors.

Environmental factors that can trigger ADHD include:

  • premature birth or low birth weight babies.
  • have epilepsy.
  • have brain damage – which occurs either in utero or after a severe head injury later in life.

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