Generation Z makes the first generation of digital cameras fashionable again: the old triumphs

It seems that the past times were better and that memories invite us to recover old technologies.

Reviving past technology today has become fashionable among the youngest. YouTube

He technological advance is what moves the world. Not remaining stagnant and overcoming barriers that allow us to carry out activities, whether they are work or leisure, is one of the maxims of technology. However, we still have much to learn of the generations that are on our heels. If you thought that your iPhone 14 Pro Max was the most desired item in the world, let us tell you that it still remains people who appreciate retro and they stick for items from decades ago in online second-hand shops.

In this case, especially if you are photography buffwe think you should know a trend that generation Z is becoming fashionable: acquire and recover digital cameras of the first years of expansion of this technology to obtain almost analog memories in the middle of 2023. By the way, if what you like is photography, you may be interested in knowing how to obtain images of boiling water or if you want to go a little further, the 10 best websites to sell photographs online.

The technology you never had is the one you want the most

In the following paragraphs we will put you as example of this trend a Kathy Glasgowbut just as count from the prestigious BBCIt seems that the youngest are making those digital cameras that began to popularize photographs and videos at the beginning of the 21st century come back with force. In the last 12 months, the hashtag #digitalcamera has obtained a whopping 220 million views in the social network par excellence, TikTok.

Often, it is not a question of replicating what has been successful in the past, but of recall memories that they have from childhood. In the case of Katie, whose video you can see on these lines, she assures that at the age of 13 her father bought her a Sony digital camera, which she cannot locate now, and which ended up being replaced by the mobile phone. The young American woman talks about how she Generation Z romanticizes past technology and how the members of this artistic movement, if it can be defined that way, prefer a retro aesthetic to the highest quality.

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And it is that he second hand market It has always had its audience, but it seems that in recent months there is a sudden growth and interest in more retro technology. According to the information published by the aforementioned media outlet, United Kingdom has stated that the searches of the term ‘vintage digital camera’ they have increased in the last three months in a 13% and that the search ‘refurbished camera’ has done it in a 52%. Currently, there are more than 19,000 objects associated with the concept of digital cameras in the second-hand online store. A passing phenomenon or the realization that old doesn’t have to be worse?

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