General practitioners in Urk will offer vaccines themselves due to low vaccination coverage


“The infections are rising really fast. Two weeks ago we had the idea that nothing was wrong, but now we see the number of sick people increasing significantly and the number of hospital admissions increasing. For many residents of Urk, attention is no longer so focused on the coronavirus.” says De Visser.

According to him, several factors play a role in Urk, one of which is the distance to the vaccination location. “At the moment people have to travel to Emmeloord to get a vaccine. On the other hand, I notice that there is some suspicion towards government agencies in Urk, and the GGD is still seen as a government agency. In addition, I think that we as general practitioners need much more customization. We can talk to the patient much more easily.”


De Visser has seen an increase in the number of contacts about the corona vaccine in the past two weeks. “We notice that especially the doubters come up with a lot of specific questions about, for example, the effectiveness. There is a lot of fear about the side effects, but there are also people who believe certain conspiracy theories about it, but the fear in particular is an important reason. idea that the religious aspect plays a role in a small minority.”

De Visser wants to provide additional information and explain one to one people what the vaccine does. “But at the same time, we also want to explain the risk of the high number of infections. My impression is that people do want to be convinced. We very much hope to be able to convince people among the group of doubters.”

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