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This has changed since the start of the corona pandemic more than two and a half years ago the virus has changed again and again and it might as well immune protectionobtained by vaccination or infection, partially evade. Most of the coronary infections in Germany are currently ongoing Omikron BA.5 subtype attributed. The previously approved vaccine was developed against the so-called wild type, the original variant. Since September, new vaccines adapted to Omikron have also been approved in Germany. It is one vaccine each from BioNTech / Pfizer and Moderna, which is intended to protect against the BA.1 subvariant, and one from BioNTech / Pfizer, which has been adapted to the BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants.

What is the benefit of the new vaccines?

The new vaccines adapted to Omikron are like the previous vaccines MRNA vaccines. These are the so-called bivalent vaccines. This means both genetic information (mRNA) for the Spike-protein of the Original virus (wild type) included, as well as the mRNA for the tips of the omicronSubvariant BA.1 respectively BA.4 and BA.5. So these new bivalent vaccines have the benefitthat you improved immune response to omicron variants (especially those of the lower BA line) trigger and at the same time a equally good protection against the original virus (wild type) offer, like the “old vaccines”. New vaccines adapted to Omicron can therefore probably better protect against infection with an Omicron variant.
Since the BA.5 sub-variant currently predominates in Germany, BioNTech / Pfizer’s new vaccine, which incorporated the mRNA of spike proteins BA.4 and BA.5, likely provides better protection against infection. But also the vaccines previously developed and recently approved by Moderna and BioNTech / Pfizer with BA’s spike protein. 1 protect better than “old vaccines”.
But also the “old vaccines “ offer one more good protection against serious diseases.

To whom does STIKO recommend vaccination with the new vaccines?

To die STIKO (Standing Committee on Vaccination) recommends new vaccines such as Booster (booster vaccination) for patients from 12 years.
For Children under 12 are the new vaccines not allowed. If children of this age group require a booster for medical reasons, STIKO recommends vaccinating them with one of the original vaccines.
For the basic immunization are the new vaccines currently not allowed. The “old vaccines” should still be used for this.

For whom is a fourth vaccination recommended?

To die STIKO recommends one fourth vaccinationpreferably with one of the new vaccines, for patients from 60 years, medical staffas well as patients from 12 years, due to a chronic disease have an increased risk of severe disease progression.
For healthy patients under 60who does not work in the health sector, currently is no fourth vaccination recommended.

What is the interval between two booster vaccinations?

Between two boosters it should, according to STIKO Minimum interval of six months be respected.
After a past Corona infection should also an interval of at least six months after a booster vaccination be respected.
to immunocompromised patients can enter in consultation with the doctor shortest distance Does this make sense.

Does it make sense to do an antibody determination before corona vaccination?

Since it is not exactly known by what antibody value patients are sufficiently protected against infection or a severe course, it does nonsenseto determine in advance the antibodies in the blood.
If patients who still have many antibodies are given a booster vaccination, this does not pose a health risk.

What vaccine reactions and side effects to the new vaccines are known?

As with other vaccinations, it can typical vaccination reactions to appear. These include:

  • pain at the injection site
  • headache
  • fatigue
  • Fever

These vaccine reactions are normal when the immune system fights an “invader” and usually disappear again after two or three days at the latest.

Stay healthy I wish Dr. Klaus Tiedemann and “We in Bavaria”!

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