General fight in Blankenberge: what happened, minute by minute

Scenes of incredible violence occurred this weekend in Blankenberge. Minute-by-minute analysis of the course of events.

Thanks to the AFP dispatch which fell at 5:49 a.m., the planet was informed on Sunday morning of the incredible scenes of riot provoked in a Belgian coastal resort called Blankenberge where summer visitors were asked to respect the barrier measures and refused an evacuation order from the beach even threw umbrellas at the police. The images created a buzz, and traveled the world. But what happened? Decryption, minute by minute.

17 h 05

The police are closing the Brugsesteenweg, the main access to the seaside resort. “Blankenberge is overcrowded and the cars keep coming”. There has been no incident yet. Lifeguards can handle the crowds on the beach, but for how long? Police are worried: “People will soon be on top of each other”.

17 h 29

On the beach, spirits are heating up. The tension rose a notch. A group of around 40 young people are sitting on a breakwater, not far from the pier. Rescuers report that this is prohibited. The young people laugh and stay seated. A rescuer calls the police. Earlier, the same group had already searched for misery in a beach bar. They had used tables and chairs without consuming power, and used portable speakers with the music blaring. We had let it happen.

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