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After Wuhan pneumonia spread from China to the world in December of the previous year, as of today (2nd), more than 83.96 million people have been infected, of which more than 1.827 million have died.

South Korea’s Central Anti-epidemic Countermeasures Headquarters reported on the 2nd that there were 4 new cases of the British variant virus and 1 case infected with the South African variant strain. At present, there are 9 patients in South Korea infected with the British variant virus. South Korea first reported the entry of a confirmed variant virus on the 28th of last month. Of the four newly discovered British variant virus infections, three were family members of the first variant virus infection. The other one also entered the country from the UK and was diagnosed during home isolation. The South African mutant virus infection case entered the country from the Republic of South Africa on the 26th of last month and was confirmed during the entry quarantine process.

In order to curb the epidemic, South Korea decided to extend the 2.5-level epidemic prevention response measures currently implemented in the metropolitan area for another 14 days until January 17. It was originally only applicable to the measures to prohibit private gatherings of more than 5 people in the metropolitan area, and the scope of implementation was expanded to the whole country. In addition, the government allowed cram schools with less than 9 people to resume operation, and ski resorts and skating rinks were also allowed to reopen conditionally, with no more than three people. One, and must be closed after 9pm.

British study: Variant viruses can spread rapidly among all age groups. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported that a report released by Imperial College London showed that the variant Wuhan pneumonia virus can spread rapidly in all age groups, rather than being easier to spread among young people as previously believed.

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China Epidemic】

The National Health Commission of China announced on the 2nd that in the past 24 hours, 22 new cases were confirmed, of which 14 were imported from abroad (4 in Shanghai, 3 in Tianjin, 3 in Guangdong, 1 in Liaoning, 1 in Fujian, and 1 in Shandong. , Shaanxi 1 case), 8 local cases (Liaoning 7 cases, Beijing 1 case), and no new deaths.

According to official Chinese figures, a total of 96,027 people in China (including Hong Kong and Macau) were infected with the epidemic, of which 4782 died.

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The Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that the recent local outbreak was triggered by an asymptomatic infection imported from outside Indonesia, and multiple cases have occurred in Shunyi District, and a local cluster of outbreaks occurred in the Jinma Industrial Park. At present, the authorities are conducting re-examination of nucleic acid tests on personnel in key areas to prevent the spread of the virus. Since December 23 last year in Shunyi District, a total of 20 cases have been diagnosed, and one asymptomatic infection was found. Among them, 6 cases were diagnosed on Wednesday and Thursday (12/30 and 31). Currently, 5 locations in the area are classified as medium-risk areas, and 14 locations are closed for management.

42 new cases were confirmed in Hong Kong on the 1st, the lowest number in a single day since November 22 last year. Of these 42 cases, 36 were local cases, and 13 were found to have no source. A total of 8,888 confirmed cases in Hong Kong, 148 of them died.

【International Epidemic】

South Korea reported on the 2nd that 824 people were infected and 25 died. A total of 62,593 cases were confirmed, and the number of deaths increased to 942. In addition, South Korea added 4 more cases of the British variant virus.

The number of infected people in the United States has soared to over 20 million. According to the real-time epidemic statistics of Johns Hopkins University in the United States, the number of confirmed cases in the United States exceeded 20 million cases at approximately 1:00 PM Eastern Time on the 1st (about 1:00 AM Taiwan time), of which more than 34 Ten thousand people died of illness. The United States became the first country in the world to have more than 10 million confirmed cases on November 8 last year. One month later (December 8), the number of people infected exceeded 15 million. On January 1, it broke the 20 million mark. At present, the number of infected people in the United States accounts for nearly a quarter of the confirmed cases in the world, and the death toll accounts for nearly one-fifth of the British variant virus.

Vaccine manufacturer BioNTec of Germany said that there may be a shortage of vaccines supplied to the European Union. BioNTec pointed out that the current production volume of vaccines is limited. Although the EU signed a contract for procurement in November last year, the United States proposed procurement as early as July, which affected the delivery time to the EU. The EU and BioNTech signed an agreement in November last year to order 300 million doses of Wuhan pneumonia vaccine. BioNTec said it will set up an additional vaccine production line in Marburg, Germany, with the goal of producing 250 million doses of vaccine in the first half of this year.

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Fifteen inbound passengers from Turkey were infected with the variant virus. Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca revealed on the 1st that 15 of those who entered Turkey from the UK recently were found to be infected with the variant Wuhan pneumonia virus first discovered in the UK, and Turkey has suspended entry of people from the UK. Keza pointed out that people infected with the variant virus and those in contact with them have been quarantined, and no one has been found to be infected with the variant virus among people entering the country from outside the UK.

In order to fight the virus, Britain restarted the emergency hospital established at the beginning of the outbreak on the 1st and closed the London area primary school. In addition, the United Kingdom has postponed the second dose of vaccine for its citizens. Recently, it has been controversial in order to “let the people get the second dose of the vaccine, or let more people get one dose of the vaccine, so that more people can be protected.” The chief medical officers of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland issued a joint statement on the 1st, stating that most people have received substantial protection after one dose of the vaccine, and the additional effect of the second dose is not significant. Chris Whitty, chief medical officer of England, explained that the shortage of vaccines is expected to last for several months, and the top priority for the UK is to “maximize the number of people vaccinated.” At present, only less than one million people in the UK have been vaccinated with the “first dose” of the vaccine developed by Pfizer and the German biotech company BioNTech, and only a few of them can get the second dose 21 days later as planned . The UK earlier approved the vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford and revised the vaccination guidelines to extend the time for the second dose from the original “21 days after the first dose.” It is “within 12 weeks of first dose.” However, this decision was widely criticized. The British Medical Association (BMA) warned that delaying the second injection would be unfair and unfair to the thousands of the most at-risk groups (such as the elderly) who have received the first dose of the vaccine. Unprofessional and unrealistic.

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British study: Variant viruses can spread rapidly among all age groups. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported that a report released by Imperial College London showed that the variant Wuhan pneumonia virus can spread rapidly in all age groups, rather than being easier to spread among young people as previously believed.

A British variant of Wuhan pneumonia virus was also found in Florida in the United States. Florida notified on the evening of December 31, local time, that the state had its first confirmed case of Wuhan pneumonia of a British variant. This is the third case of variant virus infection discovered in the United States after Colorado and California. The Florida Department of Health stated that the case appeared in Martin County in the state. The patient was a man in his 20s who had contracted the variant Wuhan pneumonia virus first discovered in the UK without traveling recently. The Florida Department of Health is working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to conduct an in-depth investigation.

India approved the Oxford vaccine. Two people familiar with the matter told Reuters that the Central Drug Standards Control Agency (CDSCO), the Indian drug regulatory authority, has yesterday (1st) approved the supply of the Wuhan pneumonia vaccine jointly developed by the British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and Oxford University. Emergency use. In addition to the Oxford vaccine, CDSCO is also considering granting emergency use authorizations for two other vaccines, namely the vaccine developed by Pfizer in the United States and the German biotechnology company BioNTech, and the Bharat Biotechnology International (Bharat) Biotech International Limited) vaccine. Currently, AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine has been authorized for emergency use in the United Kingdom and Argentina.

The British variant virus invaded Brazil. Two confirmed cases of Wuhan pneumonia of a British variant were found on Thursday (31st) in Sao Paulo State, Brazil. The Minister of Health of the State of Sao Paulo announced the news on television on Thursday, but he called on the public not to panic, because the mutant virus is indeed easy to get infected, but it does not mean that the condition will worsen after infection. At present, 18 countries have notified the discovery of the British variant virus.

(International Center / Comprehensive Foreign Telegraph Report)


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