“Gender medicine, what do we know?” Photo and video

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“Gender medicine. What do we know?” © Termolionline.it

TERMOLI. “Gender medicine. What do we know?” This is the title of the meeting promoted by the Fidapa section of Termoli, president Angela Rusciano. Maria Laura De Cristoforo, partner and doctor of San Timoteo and Maria Durante gynecologist in Campobasso, are the speakers who dealt with the delicate issue from a strictly clinical point of view the first, social and philosophical the second, not without insights on the typical evolution of the female gender in the path of life, from developmental age to menopause and to female lifestyles and behavior in today’s society.

A brilliant and harmonious discussion that delighted the participants.

The proceedings were opened by the president and the mayor of Termoli Francesco Roberti who presented the greetings of the Administration, applauding the historic commitment of Fidapa and its role in the city context. The floor was passed to the president of the South East District Anna Maria Elvira Musacchio, who gave the report of the very successful National Congress of Agrigento and illustrated the initiatives that marked the resumption of activities in the district, interrupted by the Covid emergency.

These include the congress and the candle ceremony, as well as the initiatives included in the new social year program. The work ended with the intervention of the national vice president Fiammetta Perrone. An interesting intervention linked to the themes and programs of the movement in the various areas of interest and on the agenda. Among these also gender medicine, a topic of pressing topicality and in line with the in-depth studies indicated in the national and international guidelines of Fidapa, in the current two-year period. The event, held in the beautiful room overlooking the sea, of the Cala Sveva establishment, on an autumn afternoon kissed by the sun, was attended by guests and members in adequate numbers according to the current anti-virus regulations.

The speakers were given elegant boxes made with the art of recycling by the members of the creative laboratory.


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