Geldersheim expects dwindling income

The chalice has passed by the mountain group. The monument at St. Nicholas’ Church has now been completely renovated, but the chalice is still missing. The weather is currently too damp and cold to stick on, announced Mayor Thomas Hemmerich under miscellaneous in the first municipal council meeting of the year.

Clerk Ulrike Gallus had the current household figures with her. There is a tendency for income to dwindle, for example with key assignments. What is certain is that the fiscal “pandemic damage” is delayed. Trade tax revenues are expected to drop from 250,000 to 200,000 euros in 2022 and 2023. From the administrative budget, the property budget will probably be allocated 320,000 euros less than planned. The general reserve could fall from 1.2 million to just under 300,000 euros. A planned loan of 1.7 million euros has not yet been used, as some larger expenses, such as for daycare and lunchtime care, have been postponed. “Money that has not been spent on loans has not yet been saved,” warned Gallus.

An annual heating subsidy of 500 euros goes to the Frhmess chapel, also with a view to preserving the frescoes.

Residents complain of noise pollution

There are residents’ concerns about immissions in the planned expansion of the assembly hall of the Stark carpentry. According to the application, the delivery will take place via Wrzburger Strasse, said Mayor Hemmerich when asked by Thomas Kundmller. According to the company description, the noise pollution should rather be reduced.

Markus Vogel called for residents and applicants to be brought to the same table in order to find a consensus. Hans-Jrg Rustler reminded the administration that the examination of the project was in the hands of the district administration: “We are not the building permit authority.” The mayor said that the community could act as a mediator if so desired. The building application received a dissenting vote. The completed funeral hall has not yet been approved. Since the main concern here is fire protection, the new building could be used soon, says Hans-Jrg Rustler.



Markus Vogel called for a solution to the vacant “Frnkischer Hof” because the building continues to generate costs. In the current situation it is difficult to find an operator, stated Mayor Hemmerich.

Thomas Hbner complained about delays in a planned information meeting with the AWO regarding a proposed forest kindergarten for Geldersheim. The new kindergarten at the school is now in operation. The mayor recalled that there were 45 births in the last year alone. Accordingly, there is a need for expansion again. The early start of the measures has now been approved.

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