GeForce RTX 3060 will have its production increased, and prices are expected to drop soon

Model will have an increase in its manufacture from July, and more models should be available in the market

The past few weeks have been very exciting on news issues related to the return of availability and fairer prices for graphics cards. After a series of information reporting a drop in prices in several models of NVIDIA e AMD, now comes the news that the GeForce RTX 3060, one of the most popular models on the market, will have an increase in its production soon.

The information was revealed by the Chinese website ITHome, which revealed that the NVIDIA will increase the production of the RTX 3060 from next July, thus, consequently increasing the availability of this model in the market. The company will initially focus its efforts on providing this new batch of GPUs to Internet cafes and then will reduce the offer in the retail segment as well.

The GeForce RTX 3060, released during the month of February, is typically aimed at the cost-effective segment, one of the most popular among gamers, hitting the market with a suggested retail price of $329. At launch, although available in very stocks higher than the other models in the Ampere series, quickly disappeared from the shelves due to the huge demand and the high demand also by miners, given its good performance in cryptocurrency mining.

In an attempt to make it less attractive to miners, NVIDIA has relaunched this model with a new block against mining algorithms. THE série RTX 30 LHR aims to make the plate not reach its maximum hashrate, thus making it less interesting for mining operations.

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In addition, in recent weeks, China has been closing in on miners, banning their practice and closing several mining farms in the main strongholds. Thereby, there was a significant drop in video card prices in the country. The RTX 3060 itself, for example, which was selling for over $1100 in May, can now be found in some stores across the country for around $700, a drop of up to 45%.

Although it’s not even close to the launch price, it’s seen that, little by little, prices are returning to normal and, hopefully, we can also expect a normalization of stock soon.

Via: WCCFTech Source: ITHome



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