Gedo retired .. When the English chanted, “Ask for grandfather on the phone.”

“I feel that this is the right time to retire. Thank God, I had a wonderful career that was much bigger than I could have imagined. I’m very grateful for every moment.” This is how Muhammad Naji “Gedo” announced his retirement from football at the age of 36 after a long career in football stadiums.

“Gedo” went through many local experiences with Al-Ahly clubs, Al-Ittihad of Alexandria, Al-Mokawloon El-Harby, the last of which was El-Gouna, and he also had a professional experience with Hull City, England.

“Gedo” spent two and a half seasons with Al-Ahly between 2010 and January 2013, before traveling to England for his professional experience among the English ranks of Hull City, who was playing in the English Premier League, to join him on loan for a period of 6 months.

During those six months, Gedo had a great influence on Hull City, after he opened his goals with the team in their second “Championship” match against Derby County.

Hull City fans became more attached to the Egyptian player after he scored the winning goal for his team against Charlton in the 32nd round of the tournament, to win the man of the match title and the fans of the English club praised his name, as stated by his colleague Ahmed Al-Muhammadi, who was his partner in the team.

Al-Mohammadi went out at the time in a statement after the match, saying: “Hull City fans who attended the match sang for Gedo after scoring the goal, saying,” Gedo Gedo Yalla Gedo. “

The official account of the English team on the social networking site “Twitter” also sang after Gedo’s goal: saying in English: “If you want to score a goal … just give Gedo a call.”

This means: “If you want to score a goal .. just call Gedo.” It is the cheer that is inspired by the cheers of the Egyptian fans for Jeddo when he starred with the Egyptian national team in the African Nations Finals in Angola 2010, when the Egyptian fans used to say: “If you think to answer Jules, ask for grandfather on Phone. “

Gedo’s remarkable career continued in the Hull City team, scoring his third personal goal in the third consecutive match with the team against Blackburn, before scoring two more goals against Birmingham club.

The remarkable level of Gedo and his contribution to qualifying the Hull City team to the Premier League, made the English club management renewed confidence in the Egyptian striker and extended his loan from Al-Ahly club for another six months.

After the English club’s rise to Premier League, injuries began to afflict Gedo, in addition to Hull City coach Steve Bruce not relying on him during matches, as he played only two matches against Crystal Palace and Arsenal with a total of 29 minutes.

Jiddo’s departure from participating with Hull City in the English Premier League hastened his departure from the team after he expressed his dissatisfaction with not participating, stressing that he was spending a bad time in England and demanding to leave the team, so that Al-Ahly decided to return him to the team, where the red team needed a striker in light of the injuries he was suffering. Including his players in that period.

Gedo ended his short one-year professional career in English soil with Hull City, during which he played 17 matches in all competitions, during which he scored 5 goals.


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