GC Green Cross begins shipping the world’s first severe hunter syndrome treatment’Hunterase ICV’ to Japan

The initial supply of supplies started after product approval in the Japanese market last January… First shipment to China at the beginning of last month

Hunterase [사진: 녹십자 GC]

[디지털투데이 조믿음 기자] GC Green Cross begins shipping’Hunterase ICV (intracerebroventricular)’.

GC Green Cross announced on the 3rd that it will ship the world‘s first severe-type Hunter syndrome treatment,’Hunterase ICV’ (product name: Feutarase, Hyutara-ゼ®脳室内注射液15mg) to Japan.

It is an analysis that the market penetration has entered the visible range as the initial supply of goods has been made within a month after acquiring the Japanese item license in January.

‘Hunterase ICV’ is a treatment that directly administers drugs to the ventricle by inserting a device into the head.

The existing intravenous formulation of drugs could not pass through the blood brain barrier (BBB) ​​and thus could not reach the’cerebral parenchyma’.

The company expects that the sales of Hunterase ICV will be in full swing in Japan within two quarters as early as possible.

As the Japan Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) is currently in the process of listing insurance drug prices, once the drug price is confirmed and notified, it is expected to be officially released and prescribed in the actual medical field.

It is known that the Japanese medical community and patient associations also have high expectations for the efficacy and safety of Hunterase ICV, which has been clinically confirmed.

Earlier last month, IV-type Hunterase was also shipped to China for the first time.

In China, in September of last year, Hunterase was approved as the first treatment for Hunter syndrome in China, and is currently undergoing drug price listing procedures.

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An official from GC Green Cross said, “The process is rapidly progressing so that Hunterase can be used by patients as a new treatment option. We will prepare for further production and supply plans to Japan and China in the future.”

On the other hand, Hunter syndrome is a rare congenital disease in which skeletal abnormalities and decreased intelligence occur due to deficiency of IDS (Iduronate-2-sulfatase) enzyme.

In general, it is known that it occurs at a rate of 1 in 100,000 to 150,000 male children, and the number of severely ill patients with central nerve damage accounts for 70% of all Hunter syndrome patients.

Reporter Jo Faith Eum [email protected]

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