Gazmanov admitted, because of which Kirkorov had to kneel before him

It is no secret that Oleg Gazmanov is not only a popular singer, but also a talented composer. Among other hits of the national artist is the song “My Only”. The master dedicated the work to his beloved wife, Marina.

Everyone has long been accustomed to hearing the track performed by Philip Kirkorov, but it turned out that initially Gazmanov planned to keep it for himself. According to the artist, his colleague first heard a cult song at a concert in Sochi.

“Philip came into my dressing room with flowers, knelt down and asked:” Sell me this song. ” I refused. For a long time we talked with him on this subject. I released an album, and then gave him the opportunity to sing this song. She is the most popular of his repertoire, and I am pleased as a composer. I am very glad that this song was so suitable for Philip, ”Gazmanov recalled in the broadcast “The fate of man.”

Oleg Mikhailovich shared much less fond memories. It turned out at one time an artist survived clinical death and oncology. Fortunately, the operation to remove the tumor was successful, and he was able to fully recover and return to the scene.


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